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First Grow- Trainwreck/banana Kush

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by MedicalManOR, May 29, 2013.

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    Hello all,
    So purchased some clones from a local dispensary and so far this is what they're looking like. The trainwreck is the bushier one and the banana is the little one.

    Does anyone who knows something about plant life know if they're doing okay? I think the train is doing fine but the banana is looking like its starting to bend a little bit? Any comments if you know something feel about outdoor growing feel free

    (Posting pics now)


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  2. You'll probably get more responses if you posted this in the right forums ;-)
    But yes, the banana looks unable to support itself. Get a drinking straw, and slit it vertically. Wrap it around the stem and stand it back up. Within a few days, it should start to get stronger and support itself. You may leave the straw on forever, for as when the stem gets thicker, the straw will expand.
  3. Dude that banana plant looks mutated as fuck. I really had to look at it just to make sure its even ganja. It looks like it got topped at the second set of leaves and somehow your nodes are already staggering. Did the wind get it really bad or something? Other than the fact your banana kush is mutated their fine. How old are they?
  4. Haha the banana has got me concerned too. It's just a clone but it seems like a weenie clone at that. Wind is a small factor, I got them about a week ago pre-grown of course. I'm not even sure what stage they're even at, but it looks like the train is making spores already,...yeah any comments just let me know

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