First grow to bud. yield?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by E-Athlete, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. First of all i would like to thank GC and other forums for allowing me to get where i am today. Now this grow started out as an experiment to see if we can do it. After many failed attemps we decided to put some time and effort into the project (for once) and now out of 14 plants, 8 females remain to bud safely. These pictures were taken on the 16th of last month so the buds packed on since then. Let me know what you think.
    here are the specifics: South Florida grow, sprouted jan 1st, miracle grow soil, 10-20 gallon pots, all bagseed, 20/20/20 for veg 10-52-10 for flower, lots of sun all day, 4 topped 4 untopped, 1 sativa 3 hybrid 4 indica.
    My question is for the experienced growers, the pros. Judging by the pics what can i expect for the yield of individual plants and the crop as a whole. Im mainly looking for an extimate for the pics titled "PH" and "Sativa". With those ballpark figures i can estimate the rest of the plants.

    heres the link to the pics.

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  2. Those dont look bad at all and I am a noob still so yield estmates are beyond me.

    good luck.
  3. Omg, your smaller plant in the brown pot looks EXACTLY the same as mine...Do you know what strain that one is?
  4. HIGH All, hard to say E-Athlete...but it looks like your doing good and no doubt have some good smoke that you grew yourself.....nothing more satisfying than growing your own smoke.
  5. Fresh n homegrown :D
  6. Yeah if you want a guess from an amateur I would say 2-5 ounces.:confused:

    BTW my ducksfoot plant is like 2 1/2 ft tall and I got 2 more ready to go outside just need to get off my arse and do it.
  7. No i dont know. I grew all mine from bagseed.
  8. tnx all for input. This is my first succesful grow ever and does it feel good. I just harvested my smallest girl about a foot tall and got 82 grams wet. Still have 7 more to harvest, just waiting for them to finish. I was surprised at how good the nug was maybe b/c it was outdoor but still super fire just cant wait to smoke it. Im drying it in a brown paper bag in my closet that is ok yes? I will post dry weight and quality of smoke when i dry/cure it.
  9. that should dry to at least a half ounce- 3/4 ounces. Nice grow man:smoke: :smoke: peace
  10. Looks good man.
  11. nice. how long were you growing them?
  12. ive got 1 just like that man sativa i got it from bagseed
  13. they are coming on 4 months old.
  14. If you are anywhere in north america chances are your are going to get some kind of mexican Sativa or sativa hybrid. I like sativa nug and high but they talke so damn long to finish. My indicas are almost finished and sativas just strating to bud.
  15. Don't harvest them now!

    I think it's 60-65 days of flowering till harvest. Can we have a pic of the herb when it's dry? Wait till the buds get way bigger and half the hairs are orange.
  16. UUhhh I remember when E-Athlete was just a little noobie grower starting his grow near a bike path......
  17. e athlete you dont live in or next to boca raton do you?
  18. new grow u live in boca?
  19. i live in miami, a stones throw from boca raton.
  20. yea we have all been there. But now that i've tasted my nug i never want to BUY weed again. Got 82 grams off a 1 foot plant. Is that normal? seems like a pretty good harvest for such a small plant but the nugs were fatter than my fist. I donno since its my first grow but i guess i'll see when i harvest the rest.

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