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  1. Hello. I am a first time marijuana grower, I have done as much research as I can before preparing for the year but ive decided a picture guide on Grasscity may help me get a better product and I can get some tips from the pros :)... I started my plants using Jiffy Pellets 6 days ago... They are now mostly sprouted. I ran into slight stretching issues early on due to my lighting not covering all my plants but I fixed that. I have it all under a Ushio HiLUX GRO HPS 400W opti-red Bulb but I added a 60W 5000k bulb daylight fluorescent to increase the blue light (I do not have the money to invest in much more lighting, I got the HPS ballast at a great discount). I plan on transplanting to small pots such as the ones I am already use in here from the peat pellets soon. Later I am moving them outside into buckets outside. The two I already transplanted were having issues with me leaving them in the dark too long to germinate so I put them in pots already. How long should I wait to transplant the small plants into new pots? PS the plants in the lower totes are all not marijuana, they are Morning Glory, I just have them vegging under the same light, as I plan on using the Morning Glory to plant around my Marijuana due to the fact that this strain of it grows to 5M

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  2. Thought id add, I run a 16/8 cycle to keep heat (not temperature) down by only having the light on when id be awake on timer. I run a fan a few hours in the morning, then turn it off, then run it a few hours at night, and turn it off the same time I turn off my light at night time.
  3. Damn! Thats a lot of plants for a first timer to take on. look at that stretch! get some light on those babies!
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  4. For the first 4 days I lacked light, was running just the other light but I JUST grabbed the HPS. I read alot that the pure red is too much, but its the USHIO bulb which is higher spectrum plus the daylight bulb im hoping its good now. Its about 1.5-2ft from my plants, that about right for their size?
  5. If its warm to palm of hand, the light is to hot.
  6. It isnt too warm for my hand to comfortably be there. The lightbulb seems to be quite cool for a HPS.
  7. Keep light at 12 inches, make sure you have ventilation. And be patient
  8. Okay i lowered the light today. I have a window fan blowing out of the window.
  9. They are thriving. I added a few daylight 6500K bulbs in a lamp i had sitting around aswell as put another daylight bulb in my gooseneck lamp. Transplanted most of them using root boster. Im trying not to overwater my plants.

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  10. Nice man. I started with 20 plants my first grow. And I'm still on that same grow week 1 flower down to 7 females.

    Your are doing good. Keep it simple for now and don't hover.

    Have your light spacing down to prevent further stretching also.

    They look healthy and can't wait to see updates!

    What nutrients and soil you using?

    Why do you switch the fan off and on so much? Just you have a thermostat in there to check temps and humidity?


    1000 Watt HPS Seed to Harvest
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  11. [​IMG][​IMG]I over watered terribly for about a week and nearly lost them. [​IMG]heres what yours will look like soon if not already :)
    [​IMG]heres some a few days ago


    1000 Watt HPS Seed to Harvest
    Germ: March 2016
    (Active Veg)
  12. Im using Pro-mix, with blood and bone meal, a bit of limestone, earthworm castings, and I have some Gaia Power Bloom I plan on adding for flowering. I have Azomite coming in the mail aswell, it just hasnt arrived.

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  13. I just dont have the fan on as much because i was told by someone they need a few hours on and a few hours off to repair stems. I switched to 2 Fluorescent tubes, 48" 40W 5000K tubes by Sylvania from Canadian tire, aswell as a few CFL bulbs in lamps etc to add some extra lighting and lumens. I plan on adding more CFL side lighting aswell just need to go buy a piece of plywood and drill some holes to put light sockets through. They are day 13.
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    20160509_122126.jpg 20160509_122126.jpg This is one of my girls, shes looking strange, mutation perhaps? this is one of the medium-sized ones of the ones i have.
  15. Basic tips number one
    Make sure the light isn't hot on your plants(test it by putting your hand above the top node for 10-15 seconds)
    Tip two
    Replant stretchy stems when you repot to bigger pots. To the very bottom leaves.
    Tip three :
    Add another CFL at around 6500k that pushes 100 Watts so somewhere around 23 watt CFL.

    Happy growing.
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  16. My girl did the same thing. It won't hurt anything I promise. I've grown plants that went to two foot tall and the bottom branches had one main big leaf and 1 or two small ones but after it went into flower it grew in somehow

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