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First grow tips and stories

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheCzar, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. ok so i found a nice dark seed in one of my bags so i planted it on monday night, today is thursday and it has already sprouted leaves! 4 days and its already probably over an inch with small sprouting leaves. So basically all i want from this grow is one plant to grow outside and not spend too much time/money on it.

    if anyone has any tips on an outside grow that takes little effort (im not lazy its just my first one). Also any stories from your first time growing
  2. grow section

  3. yeah, but i dont want alot of details, you know just a few things, and mainly stories.

    "Apprentice Tokers This is the forum for you if you're new to toking or you have questions about the herb" :wave:

  4. can you tell me what you did because i wanna try to grow a plant from a bag seed too. this will also be my first grow and yours sounded successful.
  5. weed is literally a weed. if you grow it outside its gonna grow. just make sure it gets water and lots of sunlight dont put it in the shade. and dont use miracle grow it will make your buds taste like chemicals.
  6. im using a rubbermaid container and some cfl check out my grow down here vvvvvvvv
  7. #7 B-dazzle, Apr 23, 2010
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    By that you are implying that if you wanted to fix a Chevy vehicle, you would go to a Ford dealership because it is a vehicle and it shouldn't matter what brand.

    Please post in the Marijuana Growing section instead of here. And just because you seem like you don't want to put effort into it, I'll post the link. Marijuana Growing.
  8. You won't get the marijuana grown if you "dont want alot of details, you know just a few things, and mainly stories." We can tell you stories all day long but it won't help you grow marijuana. You really have to learn more about it; it is more than just shoving a plant into the ground. Visit the growing section you won't find much advice here anyways. This part of the forum is about smoking the herb.

    Nice analogy B-dazzle

  9. yeah, so what i did was i have this egg thing that is made for growing catnip and has holes at the top and i just planted it halfway deep...idk where to get one, i bought mine from five below. but it works well because it has a top so water stays longer, but it has holes so it can breathe

    and for everyone saying to put in the grow section and that stories wont help, li dont want to buy a whole bunch of different dirt and vitamins and stuff for the plant and thats what it seemed like they were talking about there. this post is more about what you did your first time

  10. Assumptions...:rolleyes:
  11. IMG_0116.JPG

    As i took this picture, i dropped the egg and the plant fell out!! :mad:
    hopefully its ok, i tried to bury it back in

    Attached Files:

  12. The reason they're all talking about nutrients and soil and all that is because its necessary to look at that stuff before you grow. If you don't read up on that you'll be over there in a week wondering what is going on with your plant and almost no one will help (or you won't know what to do) because you need to do research. It's not an endeavor you can take on blindly.

    Just do yourself a favor, take 15 minutes a day and read some of the tutorials in the grow section so you know what's going on.

  13. Damn your set up is ghetto. You do realize that those things are way to small for your plant.

  14. nah man, once it gets to max hight, i plant in a solo cup, and bury that near my shed...once it get a good hight, i undig the cup and plant the bigger plant in the woods

  15. x2 this things are tiny man get ur self some big beer pong cups atleast!! ur roots aint going nowhere hangin out with the easter bunny :eek:

  16. This is the exact reason you should be posting in the Growing section. You are obviously inexperienced on growing. Just to let you know, roots can't break through plastic. I don't expect your plant living longer than a couple weeks...:laughing:

  17. -.- im not that retarded...ha i know. im going to take it out of the egg first before i plant in the cup...this post was for people first experiences, sorry if it was misleading

  18. Yes I understand that. I was talking about the Solo cup that you said you were going to plant in the ground. But you should also take in affect that everytime you move the plant, it could shock it causing it to have a higher chance in becoming a male and may also lead to plant death.

  19. haha that sounds funny as shit! it can be so shocked so it turns to male?!?...i mean i believe you, but thats some crazy shit :p
  20. Yeah I'm not a plant so I can't tell you first hand. But many growers point out how adding stress to a plant can result in a higher chance of getting a male.

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