first grow. tips and pointers anyone?

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  1. okay so i'm growing for the first time and i was wondering how i am i doing and if theres' any tips or pointers you guys could throw my way.

    i'm on day 15 right now, my ph is 6.2, temp is 75 f. i have daylight cfls on the two plants right now, 100 on one of them and a 40 on the other.

    i used miricalgro organic unfortunately but just got some fox farm ocean forrest today that i plan on transplanting into when i they're ready. also, i got a n-p-k test and it says my nitrogen is deficient, my phosphorus is extremely high and my potasium is perfect. i figured to add nutrients and at the hydro store i visited i was given a sample of the dyno-gro. as shown in the picture. Anyone use this before and am i ready to use it?

    two of the pictures are of one plant, and one (with the burns) are of the other. the light fell on it and it's healing i hope, does it look okay?

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  2. yea hit it with what it says for seedlings/cuttings until it gets bigger and bounces back...make sure the lights arent too close also...if its hot on your hand its hot on the plant
  3. Okaybdo they look like the lights are too close, I have them Kline a half inch away
  4. might wanna move em back to like 2 or 3 inches
  5. Will do. I watered today should I wait to add nutes tiling water again?
  6. Any opinions anyone?
  7. If I were you, I would transplant into the fox farm soil and just use water for a couple of weeks. Your plant looks stressed and needs some time to get going full throttle again. Fox farm soil should have plenty of nutrients for a plant that size for at least two weeks.
  8. Okay so I just transplanted them Into 5 gallon buckets with ff ocean Forrest. Should I water them even thoug I watered them earlier before transplanting
  9. Its tough to tell without actually seeing pictures. Probably wait a day or two. The plant is small still so you should be fine.
  10. Okay will wait a day or two and after a bit add sone bites. Wish me luck!
  11. Dont add nutrients! You just transplanted into Fox Farm Ocean forest right? That soil has sufficient nutrients to last a couple of weeks. I would wait at a minimum one week before adding nutrients. Just use water for now.

    Slow down man :)
  12. ahh so i had problems all day yesterday with the babies looking sick as all hell. but they're starting to get used to the ffoceanforest i put em in and the new water is hopefully treating em well. here's what shes looking like now on day 15. does she still look sick or is she looking healthy?

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  13. She definitely looks like she's improving!
  14. yup lookin good now just dont over water her
  15. Awesome I'm excited it's looking better again. Will post mote pictures when I get home. I tried to lst o e of my plants so hopefully theyll look okay. As for the other one, is it looking ready to topnor should I wait til it gets a bit more growth to it
  16. alright a little update. they're now on day 18, running 24/7 light with 3 26w on the bigger plant, and a 13, 13 and 42w on the smaller. With the smaller plant i'm trying to lst. i tied it down and it's starting to bend up back towards the light. how are they looking? should i switch to 18/6 or do anything differently?

    the first two pictures are of the bigger plant with 3 26w. the second two pictures are of the one i'm trying to lst with.

    and should i top the first plant yet? or wait?

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  17. And I'm watering the 5 gal buckets with 2 gal every 5 days
  18. Anyone?? Haha
  19. looks good I would wait a few more node to top if even at all..aren't you using fluorescents to flower? You do some light lst to get the side branches bigger and you should be fine
  20. Yeah I'm gonna use soft white cfls for flowering. Is my
    Plant moving slow for being 18 days in, everyone elses I see at this time are like a foot tall. And should I just move the lights on the lst plant more to the sides and not
    On top?

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