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First grow! Time to harvest? (Pics)

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by trainwrecklife, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. 1EC8738C-C356-423A-9D9D-BD5F6BF9677D.jpeg 80E542BB-A3D1-4C47-9007-4FB16738262A.jpeg A7416569-75F8-4B21-9616-939C0367B9AA.jpeg 6A476DB2-870C-4EED-B535-085C982E9C9F.jpeg 20548D25-CCBE-4441-8936-DBB1A0EC1DFA.jpeg 49CB2002-1E81-44DB-86CC-FCB4C7B6E3FF.jpeg Hey all got 2 big bud autos in DWC 69 days from seed right now. Haven’t started flushing but the time is coming. This is my first grow so I know what signs to look for to an extent but I’m still not sure. Trichomes are getting cloud but most hairs are still white. Does this look days from harvest or a week or two from harvest?
  2. It would help if you shut off the hps and used white light like your house lights for pics. That plants not ready. With better pics we might get more of an idea of when it will be close
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  3. Got it Kill, I’ll take new pictures next time I can get to my plants during their day.
  4. They look to me like they're a little more than half way through flower. Maybe a month or so left.
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  5. Easy 4 weeks left possible 6 weeks depends but don't harvest too early

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  6. Really? You think my auto could hit 100 days? I’m in no hurry to harvest just want to make sure I chop them at the right time.
  7. Get a loupe or usb microscope keep checking tricones

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  8. Wait for all the pistils to change color and recede into the bud, it’s a lot easier to go on than just the trichomes
  9. Looking at the plant as a whole you have a while to go maybe a month or more the buds haven't even swelled.
  10. 20171212_142406.jpg 20171212_142358.jpg 20171212_142355.jpg 20171212_142352.jpg 20171212_142349.jpg 20171212_142345.jpg 20171212_142128.jpg 20171212_142120.jpg 20171212_142116.jpg 20171212_142111.jpg
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  11. Be careful with using Window AC units. Do regular inspections of the vent insides, they are very prone to Black Mold / Mildew. I had this issue with my Window AC and removed it. As far as looking at your trichomes in the top pics there is no amber yet and I see alot of white pistils still in the top pictures that are sticking straight out. You want to wait until they are darkened and curled in. Trichomes you want to be cloudy and the % for them being amber is all dependent on how you want your high whether you want couch lock or energetic head high.
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    Looking at the pictures I posted to this thread today, specifically the first five, are those pistils more the shade and curl I'm looking for? And as for the AC yeah I don't even use it anymore, I've been meaning to take it out

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