First grow tent - will this ventilation set up work?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by snow4569, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. or could i be venting more efficiently? [drilling holes in the wall is not an option]

    this is the combo im workin with...

    VenTech 4" inch Inline Duct Fan Exhaust Fan blower 190CFM with Carbon Filter Combo Scrubber: Home & Kitchen

    is there another way i can set this up to be more efficient? with the tent totally zipped temps are still too hot (86-92). im only runnin a 150w hps and about 100 watts of cfls. and i do have a 7 in oscillating fan pointed directly at the hps bulb.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    pardon the ugly ass tape job lol



  2. Best way to make things work better is decrease the length of the ducting. That duct is entirely too long in my opinion. Try putting the carbon filter on the other side and shortening the duct.

    Also, if you're blowing air out through the carbon filter, you should place that cotton filter on the inside. You'll have to cut it, but it'll help the carbon last longer. Most people suck through their carbon filters, that's why the cotton's on the outside.

    If you can, I'd personally put the carbon filter in the tent, and pull through it. It can go from the filter, to your cooltube/hood, then to your fan and that's it. Shortens the ducting, and works well.
  3. thanks for the advice bro, i really appreciate it.

    makes sense about the long ducting, didnt even think about that..

    the light im dealing with is actually that sun system 150 hps, ballast is built into the fixture so no cool tube or hood. which i now realize was a bad move for sure. kinda pissed..

    i dont quite get ur 2nd paragraph tho.. im not handy at all dude, why would i have to cut the filter??

    and yea i have read that pulling air thru the filter is better than pushing.. if i set it up like this, it would work better?


    im very limited with what i can do becuz of space, stealth, etc.. but im definitely trying to get this right.. just tryna figure out the best scenario for my situation.. thanks for ur time.
  4. The picture you have drawn is almost the right idea. Since hot air rises to the top, try hanging your filter near the top. you can either put the fan near the top inside or right outside, depending on noise, etc. The idea being, that all the hot air that rises to the top will continually be sucked out. Then you can have the place where the air goes in near the bottom, so you are pulling in cooler air.... as it passes upwards, collects the heat from the lamp and back out the top again.

    How quiet does that fan run? I was thinking about buying this one also.

    hope this helps

  5. thanks bro thats exactly what i did, fan pulling air thru filter suspended at the top of the tent.. but i decided to just go through with cutting a hole in the ceiling so im exhausting into the attic now. my temps are 82-86 which i guess will suffice for now.. but i close the closest door and it'll fuckin be 90. DUMB decision to buy that sun system 150w. i needed something air cooled for sure, becuz i thought 190CFM would be more than enuff to keep this space cool with a 7 inch clip on fan pointed directly on the bulb and room temps @ 70 degrees..

    i bought this fan combo becuz of the price and my unexpected limited funds. ive never used an inline fan before, but its obvious this one was built well, its solid. sound was the number one issue for me but this is relatively quiet as long as its attached to filter. it sounds like a vacuum cleaner when the fan is exposed tho. i got it zipped up in the tent and if u listen with an ear to my room door, u can hear it, but it sounds like an ordinary fan was on in the room. im equally impressed with the filter, being at week 5 of flower. ive only had it on for 3 weeks tho sooo well see. im high as hell rambling lmao :smoke:

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