First grow tent.. what size?

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  1. Looking to set up my first grow tent. have been reading info on this site for days very overwhelming all the info here. Looks like first step is to decide size of grow area then go from there on light size and ventilation.

    I would like to get a tent, is their a standard to determine size (sq. ft.) tent needed for number of plants to be grown? I plan to start with 2 plants then maybe to 4 plants.. most I will ever do would be 6 plants.
  2. IMO a dimmable ballast will best suit your needs. That way you can go from half power for 2 plants, and crank it up when you've got 6.

    That leaves 2 choices. 1kw dimmable, or 600w dimmable. The difference can be 12oz in dry weight per light at full output, so choose carefully. Either way you should be fine with a 4x4 or 5x5 tent.

    It's not a bad idea to go bigger than you need. I have a 2kw 4x8 and a lot of the time I'm running at half capacity (if that), but the extra space is nice to have when you do want to crank out a full crop.
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    Thanks Thicken... I have been think hard on this maybe even over thinking, I don't have a lot of money to play with here and thinking realistically how much do I need? I want to grow just for my own personal use to help with a couple medical issues and maybe give a bit out for the holidays to a couple close friends.

    If I were to have a 20"X 36" X 63" tent with 2 - 300 watt chinese lights you can get on amazon for about $80 each with a 6" 390 cfm variable speed fan with 2 - 5 or 3 gallon smart pots to grow just 2 plants in organic soil and nutrients, could I realistically get 1/4lb. average out of each plant?
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    I was going to post some links to some of the stuff I am looking at but looks like link insert does not work??? For some reason looks like it is using the tag MEDIA instead of LINK?

    Follow up.. looks like I got links working had to disable ad block... put new post below with links
  5. Spend the money and buy good quality lighting. It's the most important equipment you will buy for the indoor grow. Too many just starting out don't understand that these lamps can realistically only cover so many plants effectively. So if you have to raise your light just to cover all the plants you're flowering, you have too many plants for that lamp. The further away from the lamp the plant is, the less good it gets from the light. Wattage/proper spectrum for phase of life and when in flower, giving each plant plenty of space to spread open so light can penetrate the canopy and reach the inside depths to develop out those buds is how you get the most off each plant. In time, you'll learn how to prune your plant correctly during the veg phase to get more tops out of it and all kinds of other things, but right now when you're putting your rooms together, you need to answer the question of how many plants do I want to flower at a time. When you figure that out, you can decide what size tent you need. I would get one a bit larger than what you think you need because space to work is important and like I said above, the plants need space during flower for good light penetration.

    When I first started, I thought it was about loading up the room with as many plants as possible....FAIL. LOL I quickly realized I need much more light and less plants. Right now we use 1000 watt HPS lamps to flower with but only run a couple of plants per lamp. This makes sure we don't have crowding/shading that blocks light and that all buds are getting plenty. We're averaging around 5 oz a plant after cure and I've not been using any nutes other than those that came in the soil. Using a good quality grow soil is important too. For a beginner, I would buy the soil instead of trying to mix my own. Having a soil mix with adequate drainage is a must have since these plants hate having their roots wet all the time. There are some really good soils out there that are well worth their cost simply because they are the perfect environment for the roots of a MJ plant straight out of the bag. They also hold enough nutrition to support your plant for several weeks without needing any extra nutes. If you know when and how to transplant, you can go all the way through on the soil alone. But just know up front that it's the lighting that produces a good harvest, not nutes. Nutes are nothing more than plant food and before you start using them, I suggest you spend some time reading up on the plant and it's different phases of life and what it needs nutritionally to keep it healthy. The more you know about what you're doing, the better the outcome will be. But spend some time learning how to take care of the plant and keep it healthy. Most new growers kill their plants by watering them too much. You never water a plant until you can lift the container and it feels feather light. The require defined wet/dry cycles to stay healthy and no matter how long it takes, you never water again until it's used what you gave it last time. There is a pretty steep learning curve, but you'll figure it out fairly quick. It's certainly not rocket science or I wouldn't be involved. But either go to You Tube and watch some vids about tending the plants or find another good source, BEFORE you get plants. Don't wait till you get them and realize you don't know how to care for them like most people do. Best of luck. TWW
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    I do have a book and have been reading on this site for 3 or 4 days now... like I said money is a factor just want to get started figure I can upgrade if I wish later the list below is all in my price range I can afford at this time.
    This is what I have in mind for 2 plants..

    Tent the 20 X 36 X 63 model

    Lighting 2 of these

    Vent fan
  7. That fan you're looking at will easily handle your lights. I don't recommend LEDs because there's no real advantage to using them, but to each his own.

    4oz per plant would be 1 gram per watt with those lights (120w each). Not a realistic goal. If you want 4oz plants then get a 400w HPS and a 3x3 tent for about the same price. That fan will handle it.
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  8. Like this??
  9. I like led, exp for a noob. You won't worry about burning them and it's a lot easier to vent. I've used both 1000 hps and led, hell used t5's when they 1st came out. Led for a 4x2 tent is the way to go. Less vents, smell, maintenance you'll be happier. There's a 480w meizhi led (same company as viparspectra)+ a 4x2 tent for 220$ on ebay that gets my vote. I'd toss in maxsisun 320 led on each end at flower. There about 80$ a piece and not even required unless you want giant buds.

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  10. I would like to see 4 OZ per plant on a 2 plant set up... but anything less than 2 OZ per plant would be very
    disappointing... my paypal got hacked so am fighting that right now until something gets settled ebay is not going to work for me.. I just took a look at the maxsisun light.. it don't show it has any saftey certification, it is partly why I picked the kingbo it is UL certified

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