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  1. Number of Plants? 3
    What strain is it? BAG SEED
    Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg Stage
    If in Veg... For how long? 3 Weeks
    Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Closet
    Soil or Hydro? Soil
    If soil... what is in your mix? MG Mix W/ Perlite
    If soil... What size pot? 6"
    Size of light? Four 40 watt CFL's & Ten 23/26 watt CFL's 2700k & 6500k
    Is it aircooled? No
    Temp of Room/cab? 75
    PH of media or res? 5.5-6
    Any Pests? No
    How often are you watering? After inch of Soil is dry
    Type and strength of ferts used? Fox Farms Trio: Big Bloom/Tiger Bloom/Grow Big


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  2. Nice and clean looking.. do you plan on topping your plants at all?.. they definetly look great, nice grow
  3. Thanks for the compliment "uneek4sure" and I do not plan on topping for my first grow. I would like to get a little experience with the growing process first. My next grow I will top them.
    Your going to wish you did top them, or at least LST. Its going to double you yield
  5. Ebcrew, I do plan on doing some LST on them. I am currently waiting for next paycheck before I proceed. I am gonna run by my local hydroponics store.
  6. LST kicks ass. transplant first into 2-3+ gallon plastic potss you can punch holes in the rim for places to tie cord for low stress training.
    I use LST on big outdoor plants and you can do it all the way till harvest with no problems.
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  7. Update: Plants PH Spiked! Resulted in PH Burn. First Noobie Mistake with ferts. Two show signs while one is completely fine. Replanted in fresh soil with 25% Perlite without added nutes to bring PH back to 5.5-6. Gahh.

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  8. Too young, don't feed them yet, or go with a 50% strength and work your way up
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    I was only using 1/4 of regular dosage through 1 gallon of water. Not sure how that happened, but I transplanted into fresh soil and a bigger pot. Two out of three plants have the burn one is worse than the others. My PH spiked from 6.0 to 7.0 fairly quickly. I believe it was because lack of drainage holes. They are perfect now.

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  10. 35 Days In Veg Stage
    3 Days In Flower So Far!
    Small deficiency that shows on plants have been fixed and PH is 6.5.

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