First Grow! tell me what you think :) 9 strains 32 plants 3 patients one genius

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  1. Im running 1 1000w MH and one 400w hps, with a 4x4 flood tray with a 25 gallon reservoir in the veg room and three random tupperware containers with a 15 gallon reservoir in flowering. Running BC nutes. I've got 2 White Rhino and 3 shishka-berries in flowering. I have a plethora of strains in vegging let me know what u think :)

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  2. very nice your literally running my dream setup right there you lucky bastard lol... do i see a little bit of supercropping? very nice grow overalll liking it alot

    just an idea you could try on a plant or somethin if u feel my idea is worthy..

    some of ur veg plants look quite tall if i were you id top 1 of them right where you see good growth from the alternating nodes wait for those to grow than lst the entire thing and continue to do so .. just my 2 cents

    ill be watchin this fosho
  3. Thanks lol alot of trial and error, the super crops belong to my brother (even though im runnin the show) I've topped the super tall GDP Twice (my bro n I got into over this because he didn't know I had done so :) ) I've also topped one of my shishka berries and both of my white rhino, ill put some pics on here later for sure any other ideas would greatly be appreciated :)

    -bonesaw the stoner

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