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    Hello fellow blades my grow is finally on the way (A.K.A Bad Larry's guess why?) and is looking promising...

    A few questions tho for reassurances sake and some much needed advice. sthg to bear in mind where i live grow products are very hard to find, and usually lack proper instructions, so i have a few things coming in from over sea's namely some proper nutes for flowering and whateva else i really need

    i started from seed with 5 greenhouse SLH. only one seed managed to germinate effectively within 2 days it sprouted with a very healthy looking tail and now we are 12 days in and its looking good besides the lower brown leaves (check pictures). the rest of the seeds were left to germinate for a little longer with little to no results!! ! WTF, 1\5 ? that's really disappointing. so is that somewhat of a typical germination rate? i used the drenched paper towel and a plastic bag method and then switched to a cup of water after to increase the germination speed; zero luck. but atlease its feminized seed :)

    so while realizing that only 1 outta the 5 will be actually growing, i got my hands on some local seeds, generally (mids/highmids) not sure of the quality yet but they are native to Sinai, which probably means this is what MOSES used to smoke :p

    The grow space is still taking shape, some things are missing such as good ventilation so i'm opting to flush the room with fresh air every 2 days or so.. till my vent system arrives. the plan is to keep this as the veggie room and have a slightly smaller one with complete light isolation for flowering using a 400w HPS

    some environmental data:

    • Temps: Between 21*c - 29*c (there is an AC in the room so temp is regulated easily and accordingly)
    • Relative Humidity: 30% to 65%
    • Nutes: using a diluted granular N P K (19 19 19) for now till i transplant then i think ill try to increase the Nitrogen Intake and add some more trace elements
    • Medium: 1/3 moss 1/3 perlite 1/3 vermiculite (however the vermiculite i found here was grounded and very fine not rocky and granular like most pics)
    • Lights: for Veg: 2x 100 watt FLO (3 cool 1warm) on 20/24 cylces
    • pH: water: 6.8pH, soil mix: 7pH, water+nutes: TBC, pot-at-root-level 6.8pH

    This pic was take yesterday as i noticed the lower leaves are looking very bad?? is it identifiable, i'm still a noob but according to my readings is it an "immobile nute deficiency"? or is that normal cuz i noticed the pant sometimes sheds is brown seed color from the lowest nodes

    There is a picture of the soil medium after a few waterings and u can see the perlite turning slightly green (sortta like Algea) so is this a point of concern cuz it kinda looks like rot??

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  2. The cotyledoms withering and dying away are totally normal.
  3. Indeed the cotyledons (the little rounded starter leaves) dying and falling off it's normal and natural.

    It seems like they're doing great no less.
    Might I suggest against the foliar feeding (putting water on the plants themselves) since it's not fogged or spayed through a 50 micron nozzle it's hardly doing any good.

    just a couple problems you might run into.
    Don't be afraid to wipe the dust off the lower fan leaves.
    Don't be afraid to even prune back the lower fan leaves if they begin competing for light.
    Make sure you use the best organic soil you can find to achieve the best results.
    Make sure you flush the hell out of your plants, in an effort to wash away unneeded or unused nutrients...this will make the final product a lot more mellow; along with better burning and tasting.

    During the last two weeks of the plants life, you can flush it by doing the following.

    Run the same amount of water through the pot, that the pot is.
    So for example, if it's a 5 gallon pot, run 5 gallons of fresh room temperature water.
    you can also feed it with molasses.
    add 2 tablespoons of black strap molasses to one gallon, and give your plant a semi generous feeding. no more than 1 quart per 5 gallon pot.
  4. Foilage looks healthy at this point. A little too much stretch for me though. I'd tear off the dead cotyl's and put some more medium in. Place the lights a bit closer if you can, and get a small, light oscillating breeze over the top of them to make the stalk a tad stronger. I'd stop misting at this point and get on a regular water/feed schedule.

    Hold off on trying to pump up SLH with nutes too fast. IMO she can be a tad Nitrogen sensitive and before you know it she will have quite the N toxicity in her and be dark green with curled down fan leaves. A little goes a long way with SLH and nutes.
  5. 19-19-19, even deluted sounds like a lot of nutes to me. Plant may start off good but later on show signs of nute burn. That is what happened ti me and my first soil grow.

    First tweo weeks oof life the plant only needs water. And then only a small of nutes.
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    That is comforting news, thanks for pointing that out, i guess i shoulda expected getting a little paranoid on the first time with this lovely lady lol :smoke:
    +rep good point and advice man, really appreciated. just would like to point out though, the sprayer is only pure h20 and mainly for humidity, dust and effects :p

    I had read somewhere that it can be beneficial to also add soda water in the sprayer and spray the foliage at veggie stages to increase CO2 levels... is that a wise thing to do??

    i'm definitely gonna try some of the tricks mentioned here. thanks again. There is just sooo much information to absorb at the beginning. its great to be helped by people with experiance on the subject.

    Thanks for the tip.. +rep ill level up the soilmix and cut off the cotyls. already have a nice oscillating fan (not in view in the pics) with some decent CFM. i might bring it a tad closer tho.

    Again the sprayer is just for light misting but ill make sure the plants are on a regular monitored feeding schedule. as in the first few days i had noticed the plant inner section was turning slightly light greenish at this point i diluted my nutes mix and switched to plain water for a day or 2. but thanks ill def keep the nutes measurements under careful supervision and start slow and gradually build up to the mentioned dose.

    At what height do u recommend i should transplant? considering its in a small 250Cl foam cup now, i reckon its relatively soon! ?
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    un-effing-believable man i went to my nearest gardening shop and that is the only config they had. thanks for the tip tho i'm keep it low and flush frequently to minimize overburn. i'm also looking into buying some advanced nutes from your side of the world. i'm hearing FOXFARM is a good place to start? maybe FLORABLOOM?

    Ya the funny thing is when i first started researching; the rations i came across often where, for example:

    • 30 15 15 / 25 10 10 FOR VEGGING
    • 10 30 20 / 10 25 25 FOR FLOWERING

    but after hitting these forums, I'm coming across much lower configurations like 7 5 5 and 6 4 4.
    so i figure there only ratio's right? so all i have to do is factor in like 60% more water for dilution. what do u think ?
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    glad to report things are going smoothly... damn that SLH is some potent shit.. the cups are starting to wreak of skunk.

    id like to thank the posters here as i have heeded there advice carefully. so Thank you fellow Blades :) ive also BOLDED some of the questions that remain an area of concern, if you'd like to pitch in, don't be shy ;). there is so much material posted as stickies here, the wealth of knowledge is outstanding, so i'm still going through some of it

    More pics coming soon

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