First grow, stuck in flowering but not quite?

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    hey guys,
    This is our first grow, it's one plant, a Big bud crossed with an Amsterdam random seed?, we're in a 1*1 closet under a 400w h.p.s light, its grew for 2 1/2 months at 18/6 before we put it into flowering at 12/12. It's been 9 weeks now and its at this stage,

    It was transplanted once at 5 weeks old,
    It was left with a slack mate for a week,
    A flat mate chopped all the leaves off claiming its beneficial??
    It was growing next to another plant which ended up as a male, we removed the male the second it showed any signs of seeds tho,
    And finally, it grew to close the light for a couple of weeks and the top ended up burning and turning brown.

    Despite all this it seems to of recovered and now it's about to start producing resin and buds ect, only thing is its been in this state or thereabouts for 2 weeks now.

    Any guesses to the strain?
    Why is it taking so long to do anything?
    Can i still get good nugg despite the problems?
    Also any problems/suggestions?


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  2. anyone? could really use some help/advise
  3. just looks like its in really Bad shock surprised its not dead yet
  4. Your flat mate that cut all your leaves off saying its beneficial... Never let him touch anymore of your plants and never listen to what he says about growing. He cut off your plant and buds main energy supply
  5. yeah the above statements are true. plants need leaves (fan leaves ) to absorb light which it uses to grow. the plant is probably in alot of shock with what its gone through and yes im suprised its not wilting over , but if shes still staying tall then give her more time, u wil probably have added a few more weeks to your grow because of shock.

    also its a sativa plant so they do say 11-13 weeks to harvest or 10-12 cant remember which so take that into consideration :)
  6. Thanks for that guys, also even though its been through all this shock can i still get mean nug from it, or is it a bit of a lost cause for quality?
  7. update, between all the white hairs are buds forming (they kind of look like seeds) also i think i can see some crystals forming and its starting to smell a tiny bit, any more advise?

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