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  1. Yeah... There's no way that I could've afforded or figured out how to start with a hydro system. I totally don't understand how people start with hydro and aeroponic systems. That stuff is a few years away from me, if i even ever choose to try it.

    Just trying to keep it simple and keep it green.
  2. Day 20 start:

    All four young plants are growing well. The Hog's breath seems to be stretching a bit and i don't think it's because of light distance... Really hoping she's not a he...

    Tallest plant still has yellowing on bottom set of leaves but new growth looks good. Most likely a slight K shortage. Not going to feed though.

    Smart pots are in the mail with gardening lime and rock dust. Organic soil is about 5 weeks away, probably won't make it for flowering.

    Just time to sit and try to not worry too much.

  3. End of day 20:

    No news. Big plant is showing signs of K deficiency on bottom set of leaves. All the others are good, but they definitely have some peculiar genetics.

    3rd week family photo is tomorrow.


    Wow! A lot of growth in seven days! The four younger plants have recovered beautifully from the hot MG start. Oldest plant has some K issues. I'm going to try to make a tea this weekend that will emend those issues, or I'll give in to the bottle and buy some nutes... There's so much good bat guano around and alpha alpha is cheap as hell, I really should go organic... We'll see.

    In any case, all new growth looks strong.

    Smallest to largest:


    15 day old Runt. Beautiful fan leaves on top. Nice inter-nodal spacing. No serious issues with nutes at all. Really a solid plant. Really hope she goes fem... It's gonna be a bummer killing off some of these plants...


    15 day old with original nute burn issues. Good recovery and color is uniformly green. Slight burn scars from nutes and lighting. Both issues are good now. Solid growth with nice branching and a beautiful top. She's a solid grower.


    15 day old... good branching. little stretched. might be male... Just an ok plant.



    The Hog's Breath! Looks good!. And is starting to smell already... Really like the way this one grows. Looooong fan leaves and rapid top growth without much height gain. REALLY hope she's a girl. It'd be heart breaking to have to lose this one.


    The 22 day old. Good growth and branching. Issues with K deficiency on bottom growth, but new growth is perfect! Over 4" tall and splitting like crazy without any training. Really excited about the genetics of the unknown bag seed so far. Looks like they'll fit the SCROG technique perfectly and they're the same height as the Hog's Breath at the same age (the HB is definitely leafier though).

    First try in training:

    Topped the 22 day old:




    A little messy but it'll work. I sterilized the scissors and scrubbed up before attempting. Humidity is also pretty low. I don't think I need to worry about infection, but does anyone know if I can sterilize the cut site with H2O2 or some other antiseptic?

    New growth looks strong so I'm expecting a quick recovery, even with the K issues.

    Smart pots were delayed and probably won't arrive for another 6 days... I'm buying exclusively from my Hydro shop from now on. Prices are usually better and it's way more convenient.

    Good week all-in-all!

    Lights off in about 2 hours. New post in the morning.

    Final note- Week three family photo::D



    Week 2, for comparison.

  5. Day 24:

    Well, this is officially not at all an organic grow... My leaves were showing too much damage for me to wait and I gave in...

    Using Advanced Nutrients SensiGrow A+B. Fed last night at 1/4 strength and the HB has added at least a half inch.

    Cut the bottom leaves that were starting to crisp on the 24 day old. Top looks clean and good. I'll post pictures later.

    Good stuff for now.

  6. you cannot transplant all of those into 1 tote. well you could, but it would not be wise.
  7. [quote name='"gho0ost"']you cannot transplant all of those into 1 tote. well you could, but it would not be wise.[/quote]

    I don't have femmed seeds. Realistically I'm going to loose half.

  8. More than likely i am going to start off how you did. luckily a friend of mine is in the process of fixing to start.
  9. Cheers bro! Ill quietly be watching... New job says I cant smoke. So ill just sit back and drool...
  10. Day 23:

    Top on the oldest plant recovered well! Growth is good, color is good on new growth. Still recovering from nute deficiencies but looking good.


    Because this seemed to work so well, I've topped the remaining four.

    The HB


    Average grower




    Nute burned baby- No photo, but it looks a lot like a plant with the top cut off...

    Watering with straight water tomorrow or the day following. Little bit of over feeding. I'll drop it to 1/6 strength next time.

    T5 is high enough that I was able to sneak a CFL between the plants. Going to get an actual bulb or two (45W+) in the next few days.

    Smart pots are in town and are going to be delivered tomorrow hopefully. Transplant in 2-3 days.

    Take it easy GC,

  11. Cool, I'm liking the progress of my grow, so I'm supporting this setup.

    Be sure to budget your grow before you start. Costs add up fast.
  12. Welcome, man!

    I'm hoping to need a bib myself come harvest time.:)

    Thanks for checking my grow out!
  13. Day 25:

    Transplanted last night into 1 gallon smart pots!

    Looking good, but slight wilting. I think its a watering issue. I'm going to water again tomorrow morning I believe.

    Pics tonight, I need to give the girls a chance to settle in before I start snapping photos of them.

  14. Wilting issues resolved with additional water.

    New watering schedule needed with SmartPots.
  15. Trees have been trimmed and I started pre-training. I figure I can't put them on the screen yet but I can at least do some lst while I wait. I'm using paperclips that I attach directly to the SmartPot. Lst looks good, but I still want to give my ladies time to grow into their new surroundings before posting new pics.

    They look small currently with the training and new pots...

  16. Wow! Axillary growth at the bottom of the stem improved a lot with training.

    Hog's Breath is growing in a more vine like way, if it makes it to the screen its going to do amazingly!

    A lot of good looking future bud sites and the topped sections are growing more aggressively thanks to the lst.

    Some issues with nutes still. Burn issues, nothing bad.

    Watering looks good, I'll probably water again tomorrow. That'll make it three days per watering.

    Good stuff!

  17. All five are in the 18-Gal tote. All responding well to training. My scrog screen is up and unfortunately already mostly full.

    Starting flowering on Thursday which makes for a 63 day veg for the oldest plant.

    Using the Advanced nutrients Sensi Grow A&B feeding every other feed. After next watering I'll be adding Flower nutes as well. I give them 3-5gal of water every 4-5 days.

    Current setup puts out 3000Lumen per square foot which needs to be bumped up a lot for flower but currently works perfectly for my needs.

    Phresh filter removes all the smell and ducted up and vented it isn't all that loud.

    Big news is that, so far, all of the plants look female. I haven't checked in about 3 days but all preflowering has been leaning toward female characteristics. 5/5 bag seed possibly might go female... I'm starting to worry that I'm going to end up with way too much weed.

    In any case. They go lights off for 48hours starting at about 11:45 tonight. Lights on 12/12 come Thursday at 6am. Then its a race to the finish.

    I'll get picks up on Thursday after their awake and watered.

    Thanks for checking in!

  18. Good to hear they are healthy. But wow I cant believe they are still in veg. I thought you'd have started flowering them already! why'd you decide to veg for so long?
  19. I was hoping to have them fully sexed prior to planting them together and running the single screen. They just got too big so I had to start training and transplanted prior to confirming.

    Not all bad though. Each plant has about 20-30 good budding sights that have access to good light. I'm pretty excited to watch flowering and looking forward to finding the final yield.

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