First grow Started. Pics Inside

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    So i started with the first grow!

    Update1: 14 Days from seed
    Update2: 20 Days from seed

    So far "root fast" was the only thing added to the water they are getting.

    Wanted to know how im doing =))

    White Rhino
    Dutch Dragon
    Northern Lights

    going to keep you updated daily, just came back from vacations so i couldnt post from day 1.


    Here's the link to my growbox setup

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  2. *Attached link to original thread, were setup is listed*

    More Pics coming on Monday!!
  3. Look about as healthy as can be to me.
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    Ok, im back with some Updates on them little babys!

    SO far its been 20 Days from Seed!

    I have some pictures for you guys.

    Root Fast is the only thing added to the Water so far. Plants are at 18/6 Cycle right now. Not going to LST but i topped some of them to see how they take it, since its my first grow i didnt dare to top them all.

    Additionally two of them have some Yellow/Brownish spots on their leafs, i have a picture to that too. (Pic number 7)

    Another funny thing is, in the Pot where one Ladie is, there is another small plant in there, even tho i have no idea where it could be coming from, added a picture of that too! (Pic number 8)

    Tomorrow ill be starting to add some Nutes: Biobiz Products: Bio Grow, Bio Bloom, Bio Heaven, Root Juice & Top Max.

    Now i dont know how much exactly to add, would also apriciate help on this!

    Would really apriciate your feedback here!

    btw. I am really sorry about the bad Cam Quality, its taken with an iphone, ill borrow a friends digital camera for the next update! Which will be on wednesday or thursday.


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  5. Oh, and the Seeds i am Using are "White Rhino, Dutch Dragon & Northern Lights"

    Fortgot to add that =))
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    Hey guys.

    Today is the day, i started adding Nutes.
    Sadly the stores here didnt have any biobizz anymore, so i went with hesi.

    Added TNT Complex, SuperVit, PowerZyt & as always Root Fast.

    This is one of the Plants i Topped yesterday, seems to be doing good

    And another one

    View over all of them

    Yet i still have the problem with 2 of my plants, that they seem to be burnt.

    Cheers Johnny

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  7. The yellowing on the last picture doesn't seem to be anything of concern yet, to me it looks like nute spill, did you by chance spill some water on the leaf?

  8. Well, im Misting in there once a day, ill stop doing that too then. When i dont Mist the Humidity is at a constant 30-32 %.

    Could it be coming from me spraying some water around??
    Making the tent walls wet to push humidity up...
  9. I have not experienced yellowing from misting with water, even if water just came out of the faucet and hasn't been sitting. But I suppose it could happen in theory. Usually nute spill causes that stuff. Until it starts affecting more leafs of the plant and the leaf stems start turning purple or yellow I would not worry I can't get a good look at the other plants because you took pictures of them while the HPS was on
  10. yeah, there was some water gathering at the leaf tops, so its probably possible that they were burnt because the water was there while the lights are on?

    Ill just mist during night periods from now on, but they seem to do pretty good even whitout misting them, got to see. Also have to check how they are doing with the nutes, time will tell i guess.

    Thanks btw.

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