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  1. The flower room is made up 2 1000W HPS air cooled lights spaced about 5' apart on center. That room is about 5' deep x 10' wide x 7' tall and lined with white tarp on the walls and floors, black plastic ceiling. Each 1000w light hovers over 9 ebb and gro pots in an evenly spaced 3 x 3 pattern in a 4' x 4' area under the light. The lights are air cooled 200CFM each from an isolated 8" air source. There is also an outside active 200CFM vent and a passive 8" intake vent from the veg room. The room has an AC wall unit, but won't need it in winter. Also, have a 8" 745CFM with a carbon filter dumping into the veg room

    The veg room is going to have 2 600W MH lamps. But for now the babies are under a 1000W MH in the flower room because nothing else is ready for it and I don't have the 2 x 600W yet. The veg room has 9 ebb and gro pots nestled together and will be under 1 600W MH. 3 more ebb and gro pots are under the other proposed 600W MH with the mothers. The cloning station is on shelf above the 2 600WMH, under 300W T5s.

    The nutrient solution for all pots will be GH MaxiBloom made to the Lucas formulation. I used this system for years in my grow room for just veggies... tomatoes, peppers, etc. and it worked well. I basically took my regular indoor hydroponic basement garden and decided I was going to grow the good stuff in there. Partitioned off a section for a flower room and now I'm in the process of starting bag seeds and discreetly seeking clones locally.

    It's funny that most of the regular gardening techniques that I learned for tomatoes I learned from you guys.

    I'll post pics up by Friday... just finishing up now washing the hydroton from my last grow. Eggplant roots suck to clean off.

    The plan is to veg 9 plants 18 hours under 600W MH for 4 weeks from clone rooting then move the 9 plants into the flower room for 12 hours under 1000W HPS for 8 weeks. Since I have 2 1000W flowering stations, I can harvest 9 every 4 weeks. I'm not sure if I'm going to SCROG or LST them... just learning right now.
  2. You plan sounds good, not that much different from my own set up I have now.
    I can tell you that you will love flowering under 2,000 watts. My plants are going hog wild.

  3. cool. thanks for the feedback.
  4. Two little plants (2") have sprouted from bag seed but both have spider mites. The room was contaminated from when I grew veggies. I have 2 No Pest Strips hanging in there now for 48ours to kill them off.

    I'm off to a bad start, but knew it wasn't going to be easy... Get to learn how to deal with these borgs. I beached the room too.

    should get the 2 new box fans to hang next to each 1000W cell within the next couples days.
  5. Journals are pretty helpful, memories fade and sometimes you don't remember certain little things you might have otherwise over looked.
    I've posted a few journals and the were some of the funnest experiences I've had growing. Something about having a few other people participating and bounce ideas/have fun with I guess. 
    The best part about it is its "your" journal, I still visit those old ones once in a while to see where my yields are at from x time or other things.
    I guess the only downside is it could be...incriminating? under the right circumstances....but if its for personal use, I wouldn't worry about it, local cops have better things to do and the FBI/GCHQ/Insert gov agency see you as nothing but a fart in the wind, again they have better things to do (one would like to think). Even on a background check, as long as your careful its pretty hard, and I have been through some pretty rigorous background checks...short of a polygraph.....
  6. My buddy got back from serving and he uses it to help with his PTSD. He used to have some pretty nasty nightmares about war. He uses it to sleep at night and to calm down when he has an episode but he's too scared to get a medical card. He thinks it could affect his ability to keep his job. He's a working professional now and doesn't want it on his record. He asked me to help him and a couple buddies out. He's very paranoid in general and absolutely doesn't want to hit the streets looking for any. So, I repurposed my indoor hydroponic food garden. It was just for fun anyways before, I can use my out garden for food.

    So what is the first step to starting a good journal? How often are they updated? What data is posted?
    That sucks! 
    I have another friend that is in the same boat, hes pretty paranoid. He had to hold a guy (that was blown in two pieces, literally, by an IED) till he died. He was a pretty bad mess, but that was years ago. Hes much better now thanks to some good family, counseling, and our green meds here.
    Its your journal man, your rules. Do what you want, that's the beauty of it. Have fun, get as serious or as goofy as you want to be. I used to do 1 update a week, that's usually the norm I guess.
    Post whatever your doing. Whatever you think is relevant. Everyone loves pics, just make sure they are in focus and for the love of Zeus's right testical use a filter or normal lighting instead of HPS when flowering (some people are like: "here are my orange plants, what do you guys think...."  :confused_2:, lol).
  8. haha, actually posted a couple crappy unfiltered pics in my journal before I read your post. How do I "filter" the pictures?
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    Well you can do it one of two ways, but your probably going to have to figure it out depending.
    You can use picture editing software like 1. photoshop/ adobe lightroom /or gimp, or you can apply the filter on your 2. camera/phone itself either physically or within the devices settings.
    1. In the software you adjust the light balance settings or gamma (just don't touch colors or, size, you want people to see the real deal), for the device you might be able to do the same.
    2. You can buy the mounted kind (even for iphones/driods as well as digital cameras), but I think you can use some 3d viewing glasses (double folded over the lens) least that's what I've heard.
    I use software if I have too, since that's more of my fort'e. The only reason I know anything about cameras at all is because I have a photographer in my family.
    ....or you could just wait till the lights are off and use normal lighting. :p
  10. i'll look into the software option. Thanks
  11. You should be able to set your White Balance on your camera to AWB, Incandescent (choose this one), Fluorescent, Sunset, etc.
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    2 bag seed plants, 6 cotton candy clones and 4 skywalker cones

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  13. sorry for the duplicate pictures... couldn't edit them
  14. This is for my TDS and PH meter probe setup. The probes fit perfectly into the 1/2" grommets. A hydrogen peroxide bottle works good as a light proof enclosure and the flat sides are easy to work with.

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