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First Grow sprouted couple weeks ago.

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by xKorruptx, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Alright this is my first grow looking for input making sure i'm doing everything right. First off i got my seeds from Highgrade seeds i ordered the mixed pack of their super strains so this plant will either be; Black Pearl, Monster Bud, Super Bud, Cluster bomb, Avalanche, Brain Wreck, Purple Cindy or Purple Diesel. Right now i have a 105w cfl on it. I'm using rock wool obviously with organic potting soil with no fertilizers. Daytime temps are about 78 and at night it goes to about 68. However right now i have the light running 24/7 I will be doing SCROG and will add the screen once the plant gets a little bigger.

    Now a couple questions:
    I noticed the leaves are bending down quite a bit i was wondering if that is bad or if its something i shouldn't be worried about?

    Secondly I was wondering when i should start using fertilizers i haven't used any yet just purified water

    Should I keep the light on 24 hours still or should i bring it down to 18/6?

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  2. Those leaves are fine, but i'd lower that light more. That's a lot of stretch.
  3. I think the reason it stretched so bad was when i first germinated it i planted it and it didnt sprout for over a week so i thought i was shit outta luck so i just turned the lights off and started to germinate another seed i finally went back and looked at it about 3 days later and it sprouted after being in the dark for 3 days.
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    Lower the light if you haven't done so. I would say that you could start it on nutes now, but it is still looking a little fragile. Give it a few more days, let the first full set of leaves come in, then add a little nutrient boost.

    Other than that, good luck. You will need more lighting eventually, but just adding a few extra cfls when you need them won't be difficult.

    Good luck.

  5. Do you have a fan blowing on it/them? That will help to strengthen the main stem.

    Also, you should bury your rockwool under the soil. Higher chance of mold if it is exposed like that.

    Good luck.
  6. Heres a couple more pics i took today seems to be going pretty good only thing im wondering on is the 2 leaves that orginally formed are turning yellow? Also should i keep lights on 24 hours or should i go down to 18?

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  7. You never have to switch your lighting to 18/6, it's just a matter of personal preference. I like 24/0 myself.

    I don't know if this is normal with all seed from Highgrade, but about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago I germed some HGS White Russian along with some Nirvana K-2. The K-2 now looks like little bushes and have been downstairs under the metal halide for almost a week. I'm still nursing that White Russian upstairs under CFL's. It was really slow to get going and has just now started to take off. At the beginning they were all in the same soil, same size pots, same lights, etc. I thought I did something wrong, but the white russian is healthy, just started much slower than the K-2. It didn't get much bigger than yours for the first 2 weeks. Anyhoo, definitly no nutes yet. It's way too tiny. That organic soil should be plenty good to get you through a few more leaf sets :)
  8. alright cool another question if someone can answer it ... seeing im really limited on space and i plan on putting up a screen for SCROG my space is probably only about 2ft tall so when should i switch my lights to 12/12 to start budding cause i'm hearin they grow a lot during bud stage to so how long should i veg. them for?

  9. Most plants will almost double in size after you switch to 12/12. Use the size of the plant as a gage and figure on having twice as much plant as you see. :wave:
  10. Yep, u can flower as soon as they're mature, tho... They have alternating nodes? 3+ nodes? If you absolutely can't do any more than 2 ft then I'd flower as soon as they are able... imo. GL! :smoke:

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