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  1. Hey everyone this is my first grow in a 2x3x3 chamber for veg.
    I will not be flowering the plants in this, I will flower them in a 2x4 hydro hut.
    I'm growing sour cream (haze/g13 and sour diesel) mk ultra (og kush/g13) white widow from de sjaman and blueberry from dutch passion.

    The larger ones in the cups are the sour cream and the smaller one is an mk ultra.
    I had a hard time germinating the mk ultra seeds. I'm going to grow out 12 plants
    in a bubbleponics system under a 600w hps, i hear that digital ballasts project more light
    and make the bulb burn more efficiently, could anyone clarify on this?

    Also my girls were planted on the 2nd of august, I'm thinking about starting to flower in the middle of september, but I'm not sure how big to let the plants get in veg, they are starting their third set of leaves. Oh yeah and I'm planning on using advanced nutrients,
    not sure what additives.

    Could someone please help explain to me the difference between a fertilizer and nutrients, should i use both? I heard start with quarter strength, how often should I change out the resevoir?
    Thank you!
  2. Sounds like you have some good genetics there. Any idea how dominant the sativa genetics would be in those seeds? Sorry, don't know anything about digital ballasts, maybe start by doing a google search...

    I just started mine on 12/12 at approx 6 weeks, the plants won't be huge, but they aren't tiny either.

    Fert and nutes, are synonyms for the same thing. Basically, you've got #-#-#, 3 numbers listed on the product. The first is Nitrogen, the second is Phosphorous and the third is Potassium... Hope this helps. Definately start with 20-25% strength, but wait until the plants are about 3-4 weeks old (from germination I believe).

    You are going to need to do some research on hydro setups too to see how often to change your res.

    Good luck and be safe!
  3. Thanks a lot, that really helps. The description paragraph says they are about 80% sativa, and will take about 11 weeks to flower.

    They are about 4" tall right now. I'm having trouble uploading pictures onto GC.
  4. Heres one of the sour creams, this appears to be the strongest plant, and may become the mother for future generations. This is about 2 weeks old, and 5" high. I just got all my hydro kit today, and will be started quarter strength nutes on Monday.

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  5. Those roots are completely bunched up in the bottom of the cup, transplant asap :)

  6. I already got my tent and grow light set up. Need to build a carbon scrubber asap.

    I was thinking about having a 6" duct fan cool the light with another fan blowing out through the carbon scrubber. How strong of a fan will I need? My grow space is 55"x27"x77".
    Will I be ok for a few days like this? I'm going to be sure to clean off the roots very well when putting them in the bubbleponics system.
    Some plants really seem to be reaching up, and 2 have some yellowing, I know some were overwatered and i'm letting them dry out.
  7. Heres what they look like now. I hope they're going to be ok for a few days. Also, my seedlings are going through their started cubes, you can see some roots on the bottom, should i just put them in some rockwool cubes?

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  8. Whatever you do, do it fast. Those plants need to be separated from each other as soon as you can. You don't want to let their roots get wound together because when you separate them it will cause damage.
  9. ehhh you shouldn't have all of those growing in one container...
    root wars
  10. the roots are pretty established, they'll be out in seperate containers by saturday. do you think they'll be ok?

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