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  1. Hi I started this thread in micro grows but I figured this is a more appropriate place for these questions.

    this is a small CFL cabinet grow

    Fox farm soil, Perlite, fox farm nutes, ph up and down, and an electric ph meter.
    just got aurora femmed seeds.

    Basically my question is what do YOU do to prepare your soil mix for a grow? how do you keep your moisture levels etc. I know the seedling is very sensitive and I wanna make sure im doing things the right way as far as watering and pH goes. also how many watts and how far do you keep your CFLS during the first week and second week.
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    Growth medium is ur choice, start off with quality seeds tho for sure, I do micro and my life is a million times easier now that I have my specialty micro/cfl strain usually just take basic potting soil with a mid 6's ph add some jobes organic plant food, which is microbes that promote healthy soil, germinate ur seeds and add no nutes whatsoever till 3-4 leaf sets make sure ur soil drains well, once seedling is transplanted water thoroughly and wait until surface soil is crusty to water again and for cfl lighting u want around 40 actual watts per cubic foot of space so if ur cab is 2x1x2' u will need 160 watts since it's 4 cubic feet

  3. If your using Fox Farms nutes just follow there handy guide they included. As for moisture level use the finger method or pick up method. Stick your finger in gently 2-3 inches if its moist let it be dry water some. Pick up method is pick it up if its light its dry heavy its wet.

    For how far.. as close as you can. CFLs grow ability die off pretty fast basically put your hand above the plant if its to hot for your hand to hot for the plant.

    Seedlings are frail but there more robust then you think. They have grown for how ever many centuries outside.

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