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    A friend of mine decided he was sick of paying for herb and the only way around this was to grow his own. So, he got a seed from some decent herb, paper toweled it, and planted it with (3) 32-watt CFL's. He had done absolutely no research prior to this because the grow was done on a whim, which is the way he is:p. As the plant started to grow, he started to read. So much information out there! He decided to try some LST in the form of bending the main stalk and tying down, etc. The main stalk broke and he thought the plant was going to die. Then it started growing, slowly, with 4 main stalks. He continued to read and tie down, getting a few more "main" stalks. The growth is just insanely slow, though! 50 some odd days later, he is much more well read, and ready to take on a hydroponic setup. (Bubbler Bucket, thanks to RumpleForeskin!) He is getting a 400W HPS light and will be using the Lucas feeding method, using FloraMicro and FloraBloom. The only problem here is that he is very attached to this plant, it being his first and him spending literally hours with it. Can he submerge the whole rootball, soil and all, in water, to loosen the dirt from the roots to allow for transition to the Bubbler Bucket? Sorry for the long intro, I have not made too many posts here and just registered recently, and just wanted to give you guys a little background information about what we have going on!
  2. Any ideas?
  3. Switching to bubble bucket now is a terrible idea. Really. It is growing slowly cause it doesn't have enough light to grow at max speed. Just put the HPS up first and let that run for a little while. Also have you feed it since you have had it? There are better ways to salvage this grow then changing it entire environment.
    It looks good for having its stem broken at a very young age. It is about where it should be with that kind of injury.
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  4. it looks pretty healthy to me. Why not just stick with soil and maybe add some more light for flowering? trying to free the root ball of dirt won't be an easy task.
  5. Yea, I was also thinking, putting that root ball into the basket for the bubble bucket will not work. I just took a clone from it, waiting for roots. Gonna just throw this clone in the bubbler bucket. It showed first signs of sex today, as well! I have not put it on 12/12 yet, but sure enough, pistils are showing! Thanks everyone for all the info. I will be posting a detailed grow journal on this grow, so you guys stick around if you are interested!
  6. :confused: what kind of light cycle have you been running for these 54 days??
  7. 24/0 For the whole time.
  8. throwing a clone in the BB was a way better idea. keep us updated, pictures?
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    Still a 50% chance of it being a male of course.

    However, if it does turn out to be female, I would definately take clones and work from there. Dont try and transplant it.

    Edit: This might help the plant grow more for him. Try turning the lights to 18/6 or even 20/4. Plants build up energy during the day and use it for growing at night. (So i hear. It seemed to work well for me =p )
  10. I read something by Ed Rosenthal that with cannabis, 24/0 Lighting is the way to go. It does all of its photosynthesis and sugar breakdown and such during light.
  11. It is female, preflowers started showing yesterday. (Pistils)
  12. So, I just left the sucker in soil and tried to take a few clones. None of them took, and my dog ate the last one that might have started to root, and I was getting impatient with wanting to use the new Bubble Bucket, so I germed out some seeds and rockwool, and into the bucket they went. Following pics are day 74 of the soil plant, and days 2 and 7 of the hyrdo bucket plants! I'll be moving all progress on the buckets to a new journal, in the journal section of the forums. I'll keep updated pics of the soil grow here though. Prolly gonna wait a week or more between updates here! Thanks for the input everyone! Off to Hydro!~

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  13. 2 plants in one netcup is not a good idea....
    need to get ur cloning skills dialed in my friend....
  14. I have tried with a dome, without a dome, in just a cup of water, in rockwool, etc! The only thing i Have not tried is the aero-misty from the bottom type cloner cuz I havn't gotten around to building one! With rooting hormones, and without! I dunno, I'm at a loss! Everything else about "gardening" has come easily and naturally, but this cloning is srs bznz!

  15. get some distelled water
    a sharp exacto knife

    cut the clone from the plant square.
    quickly put it into the distelled water, reach under the water with ur blade cut a 45 degree angle, then let it soak for 15 minutes,

    remoe from the water trim all the leafs in half (cut them with scissors)
    dip in ur hormone, pplace in cube.

    the cube needs to be damp but not saturated, check it daily to make sure the cube doesnt dry out.....

    dont worry about ph balancing the distelled as its not needed.

    A bubbler is the best way to go..imo.. but if you dont have one this will work.
    if you have superthrive a drip in the distelled gallon before this would be suggested.
    if you need directions on building a bubbler let me know...

    gluck buddy;)

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