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    I got my hands of what is supposed to be a feminized purple kush seed. My setup is quite simple I have my mother area then I have my little cloning section where i'll start the young ones so they can move on the what I call the in between area (veg) then off to my flowering area.

    My mother is lighted by 4 SunBlaster t5 fluorescents tube same goes for my in between area. My Flowering area is lighted by a 600W HPS with those coil ballast (not digital) now this is my concern when I ordered all my lightning stuff I bought a 600W HPS by mistake instead of a 400W HPS which is what I had in mind the bulb was alreadyopened when I realized my mistake but after testing my temperature (lights on for 3h) the results are the area stayed at 35 degreesC without a cooltube or any real ventilation to suck heat out (let me know what you guys think I haven't bought a cooltube yet or setup some proper ventilation.).

    Right now all that is happening is my Mother plant growing she ( I hope its a she) is one month old. the temperature in her area is between 20-25 degreesC
    the humidity is pretty low between 35-40 % (is that ok ?).

    The setup. On the left is were the mother is going to be with the in between area right is flower area
  2. [​IMG]
    One month old mother

    I topped here 2 days ago.
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    my topping worked I have a nice Y shape stem the plant only recovered 2 days ago i'll leave her an other week and try getting some cuttings out of her


    Y shape

    top view
  4. So I tried my first clone and it worked i'm still far form my SOG but everything has to start somewhere my mother plant is presently under my hps my cloning area is still not ready so I need the mother area for the little ones
  5. So my mother plant has grown alot and my first clone worked out fine 8 more clones are on the way

  6. so not much progress having a feminize seed as a mother wasnt a good idea a think my first clone turned out a male I think....
    What do you think ?

    if one was a male does it mean all of them are going to turn out the same or was it just that one that got to much stress ?

    here is the "mother"

    I just ordered some Northern Light Seeds form nirvana 10 pack regular seeds and start form scratch no choice I guess

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