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    I have been learning how for a little while and just started my own room. I have 28 ladies going under two 1000w hps, but 14 of them are much farther along at 4 weeks and the babies at almost 3.
    14 Larger ones = Grand Daddy Purple
    Babies (2 of each)= G13, Cheeze, Purple Diesel, Blackberry Kush, Blue Pearl, and a couple more grand daddy.

    My thoughts are that I can do 7 Grand Daddies under each 1000w with the other ones filling in the middle. I understand they probably won't really do too well but I'd rather have a lot of GDP then a bunch of random flavors. They are pretty bushy now at about 17 inches and I just turned them to flower cycle. They are all in Fox Farm's soil and I am using Botanicare Pro Grow + Flower Nutes and I have my PH at about 6.3. Temp is usually about 69-77 with 25-40% humidity.

    Just would be nice to get some opinions and thoughts on this. At week 3 I trimed out some of the inner and lower sun leaves just to open the plants up a bit but a friend said just let them bush out. Wanna get some quality buds off these (genetics are legit i am told but hey always say that)
  2. The GDP will finish way before your diesel hybred, also the diesel will "push" about 80% after you flip, the GDP will not. This can create problems regarding lamp height. I'm sure you have considered these minor issues but they will need to be overcame. Best of luck : )
  3. Yeah it has been about a week since i turned them, and i totally see that. Good thing is that the GDP was much farther along so it really evened everything out. Kind of awesome how everything worked out. Hoping for it to continue to work well.

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