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  1. Ok so she has been in flower almost four weeks Tuesday will be 4 weeks but the buds are super small I am using happy frog soil veg I uses grow big now I'm using full strength tiger bloom wats wroMG here also I am using 152 actual watts of cfls on this one plant
    Main bud side view
    Main bud top view
    Whole plant
    random frosty lookin bud I could get pic of
  2. From what I have read CFL's don't work really well to flower. You can veg with them but flowering you will get small buds. Try bringing the light as close to the buds as you can. Also get more CFL's to cover the plant as close as you can get them. You can pick up a brand new 400 WATT MH/HPS light on Amazon for 110 bucks. I am doing my first real indoor grow and i am sooo glad I got a MH/HPS light. Here is my grow in a DWC
    Just get the light as close as you can. I can't say this enough.
    Here is a thread on flowering with CFL's Look how close he has the bulbs to the plant.
    I hope this helps
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    Thanks but the grow is under a table in a room in my basement the cfls are pretty much 360 degrees around all 5 23 Watters and one 14 alot is focused on the six best buds I thought they got frosty last everything I've seen buds are way bigger in week 4 I forgot to add I found out recently my lights were 12.5 11.5 so I switched it 11.5 on 12.5 off
    edit lights are pretty close too like 2-3 inches
  4. Might help if you post more info such as
    Strain and what recommendation the breeder list for flowering if you know or is it random bag seed. Not that its absolute but maybe its a long flowering strain.
    Also your set up and feeding schedule, nutes and dosage?
    Lights size and how many?
    When lights are out is it complety dark? Or just sort of dark? Has the plant been stressed in anyway? I.e.light seeping in during night, cold/hot temps humidity feeding/soil issues etc.
    Why not just do 12/12 with the lights? I don't think a half hour 1way or another would matter much but maybe someone else would have an opinion
    More info is going to be needed for someone to help. I get things started with cfls to speed things up since I'm limited on grow space but switch to hid after first couple weeks. Several people use CFLs the whole grow with decent outcomes. May not be the best method but it obviously works.
  5. Don't know the strain i found a seed in a decent bag of green. Feed every other watering with full strength tiger bloom. 152 watts cfl 3.5 gallon bucket with happy frog soil. A couple times it grew into light and when I was tYing her down once I broke the main but she has healed herself since then no light leaks might be a little chilly in grow area
  6. How chilly?
  7. Man I've grown using 160 watt cfl's and I pulled close to 3 ounces on 1x 3' foot plant in a 3 gallon smart pot.
    It really depends on a lot of things. Strain, nutes, etc.
    You'd be surprised how some strains look like duds and end up packing on some weight at some stage in flowering.
    Don't trip, give due diligence and hopefully the plant will suprise you.
    Are there any signs of deficiencies?
  8. I don't know about anybody else but I see nothing really wrong with this picture. That plant is COVERED in budsites that're developing. The first few weeks is more a stretch than a flowering phase, whereas in the last 4-10 weeks the bud development is most noticeable. You have at LEAST 3-4 more weeks and honestly, I think it'll fatten up quite a bit in that time. Your plant looks like the bud coverage of my very first indica plant and let me tell you, by the end of flowering the entire limb was bud.
  9. what type of cfls are you using

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  10. Cfls are all 2700k daylights I threw a florecent in there that's a 7800k I know it's not right spectrum but I figure any light will really help but I just thought the buds developed more before they got frost on em
  11. CFLs are not all 2700k. There is also 6500k for veg. 2700k is for flower. There's also 3500k but they're not as effective for either stage
  12. You have enough lights except enough cfl's is never enough.  Get more if you can.  Moar is better.
    Get them close, like 3-6" and have a fan going to cycle air if you don't already. 
    Take heart, the bids WILL fatten up in the final month - at least in my cfl experience they do. 
    Keep watering/feeding as normal but I have found that a couple tblspoons of kelp meal/gallon of water and left to sit for a few days before feeding is good bud food and the plants like it. 
    Also, CFL's DO work in flower, just not as well as HiD lights but seriously, I'm no pro - I just have four grows, all CFL's, and I flowered all perfectly fine with them, which is to say I have always gotten a couple ounces of dry bud/plant each harvest - talking small grows, 2' plants from dirt to tops and low stress trained to spread the bud sites and have them present a nice, even canopy under the lights.
  13. just a thought, 4 weeks into flower.
    or 4 weeks since flip ?
    kind of looks like they still in stretch atm so week 1 or 2 of flower
  14. 4 weeks since it's been a week after I flipped to 12 12
  15. Read the feeding recommendation on the tb nutrients
    These will likely explode in the next 2 weeks

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  16. Looks like normal bud development to me...
  17. Now I'm noticing some pistols turning orange should they be doing this this early ? I don't care much as long as I have quality quantity doesn't mean anything when it's dirt. But I accidently brushed up with a bud site and damn it smells strong as hell
  18. a leaf sitting on the pistols can make them turn early and usually the case, nothing to worry about if that's the case
  19. Thank you appreciate it I've been trimmin ALOT trying to get light to all bud sites but it scares me cuz everyone says not to cut anything off a plant unless it's a clone
  20. That's what they look like at week four with cfl's. Nothing wrong.

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