First grow, slow plant?

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  1. Hi guys, I am growing for the first time and have a plant that sprouted about twelve days ago, and I think it is growing slow from what I have seen on here. I am using a 60 watt fluro at the moment for the seedling too. I don't really know if that's a good light but the plant is very healthy green.


    and any tips are welcome :)
  2. Those decompose-able pots are not as good as you think, they actually take years to properly decompose, I would remove the pot and just put it in the main pot. 60 watt fluoro will be good for a while, but you will need a few more later on. :)
  3. The peat pot is the reason it isn't growing fast?
  4. I don't know what medium that's growing in, but it looks far too compact and looks like it retains moisture too long. You should transplant it to a more aerated mix, I think your roots are probably struggling to reach out.
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    Not necessarily, I could be temperatures too low, not enough light, root bound, bad medium. Or all. I had one in my front yard that was a sprout and it did not grow 1 centimeter for over a month, bad conditions will stunt them. It took 1 week for mine to get back into vegetative stage from being in the fucked up environment in my front yard. I will post a pic.

    The one to the left is 3 weeks out of the messed up environment, the one to the right was taken out 1 week ago. It barely has new green growth but the left one used to look like the right one. Their both 1month+ old. lol

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  6. This is very true. It's difficult to say where you could improve because there is very little information given on it's grow environment. 60 watts of light should be fine for a seedling though, and it doesn't look like it's stretching.
  7. How can I safely transplant it at such an early age?
  8. For those pots, I would just put your hands down the side and under then pop it in its new spots, or if you have good scissors, just cut that pot down the side and slide the girl out. That thing is semi-young so its roots shouldn't be too crazy.
  9. By the way, the lights are about 3 inches away from the plant. How much should I water it?
  10. I use a turkey baster to water my plants, for that young I would do 1 to 2 full pumps per day, or when the soil under an inch is dry.
  11. For seedlings I like to keep them hydrated more often than developed plants, so yeah when the first few inches are dry, water them a bit. You'll know when it's big enough to let it dry out more between waterings when it starts growing slowly after being watered, and shows signs of drooping. Then I wait until the container is completely dry, and then lift it up to get a feel for the weight. From there on I can figure if it needs water by looking at the plant and lifting it real quick.
  12. I just don't understand why it is growing so slow. It looks so healthy that I don't know if its just a slow grow, or if I am doing something wrong. I water as often as you guys say to so that's out of the question.
  13. Do you have a way to test the PH of the runoff water? Ph imbalances can stunt your plant or slow the growth.
  14. Its not really that slow for 12 days, but those peat pots can stunt growth. I recently tossed some seedlings that were over a month old and haven't really grown much. The biggest reason was solarization from my lights, but another reason was the jiffy pots I planted them in. I feel confident in making that assessment because when I took them out of the 6" pots I had them in, there was a mass of roots all balled up inside the area of the peat pot with only one or two string roots outside of the area. And that was even with me tearing much of the peat pot apart before transplanting.
  15. When I first started vegging my last grow I started them in a coco mix i bought at the hydro store. I thought it was just coco/perlite but it had peat moss in it. I ditched this because it was super compact, just like soil, and the plants were so small for their age with me doing nothing different besides the mix. When I transplanted them into coco I re hydrated they sprung to life and finally started growing.
  16. I watered my plant a little more than before, and lights will be on for 24 hours. I want to see what happens.
  17. Hey guys, my plant is starting to droop, and I think it is due to over watering from what I have read. What do you guys think?

  18. Could be over watering. How much/how often do you water it?

    Also, that pot looks awfully shallow...I would transplant to something deeper ASAP. It is likely what is causing you stunted growth.
  19. once every other day. And the plant looks big enough to transplant? I am afraid of ruining the roots if it is too small.
  20. Is that a 4" pot? Just estimating by fingers.

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