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    Long story short, long time connoisseur first time grower. Now that I'm a certified medical marijuana patients by the state of California, figure I'll try my hand at being a green thumb. After hours of reading and research of my own strategy so here we go :


    Self watering planter
    3 1/2 gallon black bucket
    1/8 inch nylon rope
    Tetra 10 gallon air pump w/ tubing & air stone
    300w MarsHydro LED grow light
    4x23w 6500K Phillips CFL bulbs
    Fox Farm Ocean Forest / Perlite soil blend
    24x48x72 grow tent
    6" 240 cfm duct fan
    Gorilla Glue #4 clone (Beach Center Dispensary in Los Angeles area)

    Just having some basic set up or one that I could buy myself I decided to go ahead and go DIY and build my own and make it more personal. I removed the bottom portion of the self watering planter/pot and cut four pieces of 18 inch nylon rope and fed it through the air holes in the bottom of the pot and to the reservoir using the Wick Method. I took a handsaw and cut a hole in the lid of the bucket's at the bottom of the self watering container extends about 5 inches below the top of the bucket. The design of the pot allows it to sit right on top for easy removal and access to the reservoir. The air pump does the obvious.

    I started her last Friday, March 4 using the Gas Lantern Routine for lighting. So it's been six days and attached are pictures. Comments and suggestions are welcomed. Long time lurker, so not exactly new to the community. Look forward to being a part of the community.

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