First grow. Sick plant ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sickbro91, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Hey y'all I hope everyone's is having a great weekend, I've been growing an unknown strain for a couple months now and recently started to notice the bottom leaves are either yellowing and falling off and it seems like alot of the other leaves have nutrient burn. For more information I have a 5 gal pot with I believe top quality soil, I water my plant about every other 2 days with the pH ranging from 6.0 to 7.0 , I use fox farms nutrients about twice a week with their recommended chart but recently stopped because I think I have nutrient burn . Any input or help would be much appreciated . Thank you !
  2. Are you sure you are not coming to the stage where the leaves start falling off and changing colour? This usually happens towards the end of flowering.

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  3. @420tokers I've thought of that also too, I've been in flowering for about 6 weeks now but the buds are not big compared to some ive seen. Is outdoor flowers usually not as big ??? I was under the impression that my plant possibly has a sickness or is lacking a vital nutrient . I recently purchased cal-mag and nitrogen but have not used it yet because I don't want to further mess with the plant :/ . I've flushed the soil out with about 4 gallons of pH 6.5ish water twice and it does seem like it got a tad bit better. But not exactly where I want it to be. I'll find a picture of my flowers and upload those as well asap
  4. Wouldnt worry about it unless the new growth is dying or yellowing.
  5. @Titans it almost seems like it stop growing. I'll take a few pics in a couple days as an update , but if y'all think there's really nothing wrong I'm feeling a little better now. Is there anyway to improve the growth of the flowers? And should I maintain the nutrients or just stick with pH balanced water?
  6. Magnesium deficiency. Usually starts from the bottom up. Since mag is mobile and used to make chrorphyl, new growth will suck it from less important leaves on the bottom of the plant. Not sure what you can do during flowering but i use cal-mag nutrients in veg.

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  7. Check runoff ph and make sure your not locking out your nutrients if your using them

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  8. @Sucrose OG thanks for the reply and information , I'm hoping cal-mag helps . And what do you mean by nutrient lock out? Roots not absorbing them anymore? I do have the bush doctor from fox farms I used a couple times for a flush . I was also thinking I had a problem in my roots with bugs eating them or something. I'm kinda at a loss but I'll try calling mag and see if that helps

    Thank you
  9. Yes ph problems. If you have fungus gnats i would advise some neem oil for foliar and soil surface. Also some people have mentioned mosquito dunks for the larvae and yellow paper to capture the adults. They have a 28 day life cycle so keep using them untill all signs of them are gone.

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  10. @Sucrose OG what's the ideal pH I should be looking for, I thought it was around 6.5 area. Our house waters pH is actually in the 7.5 to 8.0 and I've run that water for about a month, I always have to add pH down to get it lower and I've yet to check the run off because I would only add about a gallon . For the gnats or thrips I used Montgomery spinosad and it worked wonders I don't see any on the surface or leaves, I made a half gallon batch and used that to water my plant once and i think that worked for the soil but I'm not sure.
  11. Hey everyone here's an update of the plant a few days later. I added cal-mag because it does look like the bottom is slowly dying and moving it's way up also the flowers are on standby it looks like

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