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  1. hello i am new to cannabis growing and i am attempting my first grow i have made my cupboard into my growing den and painted it white here are some of the thing i have bought for the grow:
    • fan
    • thermomiter
    • bio-grow
    • 200w envirolite (blue spectrum)
    • seringe (for measuring the bio-grow)
    • northern light seeds ( they will be arriving in 10-15 days)
      because i have some time on my hands is there anything i can do to prepare
    here are some pics
  2. Looks like you have the beginning of a good grow. Is Bio Grow a hydroponic setup?
  3. no i was going to go hydroponic but thought it was to advance this is my 1st grow i am only growing one plant just to see how it goes then i will probarbly go onto hydroponic adn grow more plants
  4. Go to the fabric store and but some light-proof black fabric to cover the whole cabinet, like a floor-length table cloth. Then you can time your light/dark schedule whenever you want.

    With a fat-ass CFL like that, you might want to turn it sideways to get more direct exposure. Maybe put some boxes under the pot to keep the plant closer to the light?
  5. ye i wanted to make it side ways but i didnt buya reflector and dont wanna waste my money is there anyway i can make it side ways wivout a reflector
  6. More light comes off the side then they end, as far as the reflector Ive heard some guys make them out of cans, maybe you can find a thread on it, for now id turn it horizontal. the plants will recieve more light. make your cabinet light proof so you can just use timers for your light cycles or youwill have problems. hermis and such.make sure you have something to measure the ph of your water that can kill them quick. they make nice digital or you can get cheap drip kind. you will need it !
  7. The inside of your box is nice and white...that would reflect the light just fine. I'd screw the lamp holder into the side of your grow-box.

  8. How important is it to measure and adjust the pH of a soil grow? I've never worried about the pH except in very broad terms. For example, I use an acidic fertilizer for my citrus trees, but that's the only time I've ever thought about the pH. Maybe I've just been lucky all these years?

  9. I dont grow soil but I have seen and read many soil grows go south because of measuring your ph... oldschool it may work fine for you but what are the odds that who you are talking to has the same chemical breakdown in thier tap water?
    IMHO anyone that grows should have a handle on the ph..
  10. after reading your posts about PH i will probarbly invest in a drip one thanks guys seeds should be here soon i will keep you updated
  11. seeds have arrived germinating 1 seed now

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