First Grow Setup 3 Weeks into flowering

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  1. These are pics of my grow room 3 weeks into flowering they are getting Cutting Edge Solutions Nutes and using their feeding chart exactly. They are watered 3 times a day for 15mins at a time in a flood and drain table. Im using rockwool and have surrounded the blocks with hydroton. They sit under 1 1000w yushio hps bulb and am using 432cfm vortec fan for venting which is overkill i know. The room is usually 70-80 degrees during the day and about 68 ish at night with humidity usually between 40-55% I keep my PH at 5.7 and have an air conditioner and a fan for air movement. Also giving controlled bursts of Co2 3 times a day. With that out of the way I have noticed some leaf curling down from top to bottom of the plant and the larger fan leaves have started to turn really yellow i believe it to be Heat stress as i had the 1000w a bit close to the tops of the higher plants. Also i have noticed some ugly bugs cant seem to make out what kind they are but its my first setup i have been using azamax to control some spidermites but am looking to add it to my res. next week for a more constant application. Any idea what they might be all i can say is it about the size of a roach and it has a green tent to it. may 5 001.jpg

    may 5 002.jpg

    may 5 003.jpg

    may 5 004.jpg

    may 5 005.jpg

    may 5 006.jpg

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