First grow, scrog in tent with all fancy equipment.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Uncle Scrog, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Hi!
    I´ve just registered and there´s a reason to it, I´m asking for advice.
    I´ve for a pretty long time planned to grow indoors, and I have read pretty much about it too. But there´s a few things the internet didn´nt help me with.

    So in a week or so I´ll buy a two meters tall one m2 tent. I´m gonna scrog in it, most likely 4 plants, but possibly 3 if I find there not to be enough room. Good quality feminized hybrid seeds. With as much sativa you can get into 8-9 weeks.

    I will use either a 400 or 600 w HPS lamp for flowering, but propably also for vegging. And I´ll use a cooltube for it. Does anyone know if there is any real problems vegging with this kind of lamp?

    I will have a decent fan, about 350 m3 and a carbon filter ala 420 m3.
    I will also get a table fan to move the air inside the tent, and possibly another one to move air into the closet.

    I think I might prevent airflow throgh all the doors using a special kinda thick
    tape for it.

    I have figured out how to do the flushing with scrog in a tent. The pots will stand on something like a table with holes for flushing. This way I can place buckets under the table for the flush.

    Very Important for me is not getting caught. It´s not legal were I live. And I live at the fourth floor in a block of flats. I have double doors to the staircase, and I have a big closet, 5 m2 where I´ll place the growtent. The odor may not exit the tent, especially not into the staircase. I´ll use passive intake in the tent, and her I have one question I could´nt find any help from the internet forums. Is it possible to use a carbon filter in the passive intake vent so that the smell won´t get out throug that vent? Or does a corbon filter require a fan for air to pass trough it?

    Another thing I´m not sure about is whether a hps lamp is enogh for light to spread to the whole scrog surface? Should I maybe place energy saving lamps in the corners?

    When the leaves and buds gets through the surface, should one cut of som of the leaves to let light trough to the buds? Can the buds perform enough photosynthesis or are most of the leaves needed for that? Should one cut away all leaves and possible buds from the lower parts of the plant?

    What about LST, shou you Lst the plants when they are small to make them cover the whole net when they are well into flowering?

    One final question, this is to you who have used tents: How have you found the odorcontrolling? Hard or easy? Is it possible stand besides a tent with flowering buds inside and not feel any odor when sniffing at the exhaust air?

    Thank You for reading! Uncle Scrog :smoking::D

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