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    I have 8 supposedly WW and two AK47 plants going right now, thought i would post some pics and see what the city thought. They are in FFOF, 3,2, and 5 gallon buckets (all the randoms i found), and are just over a month old, except the AK's are at 15 days. i used very low amounts of nutrients. There under a 400w MH, but started out under a single fluorescent shop light, i just got the MH 2 weeks ago. I wasnt able to transplant from the initial pots for too long due to apartment inspections so they are kinda stunted, but lemme know what you think, good or bad. Also, they look very sativa dominant to me, but its my first grow so im no expert, whaddya think?

    Pic 1 is named Star Pupil, he was my star pupil from birth
    Pic 2 is named El Uno, because his first leaf set only had one blade
    Pic 3 is named Rival because he competed with star pupil in growth rates
    Pic 4 is the 8 WW
    Pic 5 is named Topper for obvious reasons
    Pic 6 is named muhammad, because hes AK47, im sorry if that offends anyone

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  2. anyone have any opinions?
  3. lookin good so far:hello:
    whats with the aptm inspection?? be careful bro
  4. Thanks man, im starting to get really excited. I know its impossible to say since each case is different, but im not looking for an incredibly high yield, just some dank meds, whats your best guess about how much longer they have till i put them in flower?
    ya the apartment inspection was a bitch, had to tear down the mylar, put back in the shelving, cover up the holes i had to drill etc... me and my roommate are both mmj patients so I dont have legal worries, but i didnt know what my apartment rules were regarding mmj and i dont feel like risking eviction so I just boxed them up and moved them to another patient that i know who's house is down the road for a few days. Thanks for the input!

    EDIT: jah, your avatar is incredibly awesome. The Life Aquatic is definitely one of my Top 3 movies.
  5. anyone else out there?
  6. Looks like a good start. Depending on how many ladies you end up with, you may have some over crowding problems, especially if they end up being sativas. How much height do you have to work with?
  7. lol i know how you feel man i just started flowering mine:D its up to you on how big you want them just remeber that when you flower there gunna grow another 2ft maybe i useally start to flower around16-24 in. but thats just me.

    thanks :p its my all time fav.
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    I have an 8 foot ceiling so i should be good right? they came from fem seeds so im hoping i get all females and no hermies but if i need to there is a few weaker plants i could chop if need be.

    alright so size doesnt affect potency? ive read varying opinions on that, what has your experience been with that? mine are between 8 and 15 inches tall right now, so if they will still be potent i will probably flower them soon. What strain are you growing?
  9. height is not your only problem,, as the plants grow up they grow out. they will get bushy- so you will have one row of plants instead of two.
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    ya thats what im worried about, i have another 400 watt HPS, i might keep 5 under one light in that closet and 5 under the other light in a different closet, we will have to see. do you think if i did 2 rows staggered in there i could get by? the area is 8x3x8

    EDIT: I just looked at the picture of all of them and the room looks small, but theres another 3 feet after the last plant.

  11. i dont think so, it may a little but ive never experinced a huge long as the buds get good light and the enviornment is right youll grow some dank:smoking:
    im growing master kush,power kush,and sweet afgani delicouse 2 weeks into flowering
    mine are 3 1/2ft tall right now so im prolly lookin at around 41/2 to 5 ft when i harvest.
  12. Nice, my next strain is going to be a kush or a strong indica for sure. Thanks for all your help.
  13. its the way to go dude its all about indo:bongin:
    cant wait to see more.:hello:
  14. So from birth one of my plants named trifecta has had 3 leafs at each node instead of 2, i tried cutting one of the leafs off at a node so it would grow 2, but now its reacted like it was topped and is growing 3 main stems? whats the word, think its good or bad?
  15. lol it might be becaused im blazed but show some pics i couldnt really understand what you where saying. but from what i did get it just sounds like you toped it. but ive read some plants dont react well with toping so it doesnt always increase yield but others it works great.
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    Ill be able to post a few pics later tonight or tommorow, but basically instead of of two leafs coming out from each node there is 3, so they are at 120 degree angles around the stem instead of just having 2 leaves coming out right across from each other. this is just a pic i found online but its kinda like this, comparing to this picture I just clipped the leaf on the left when they were first coming out from the node, my thinking was it would devote its energy to the remaining two leaves, but instead it grew 3 main stems. im kinda bad at explaining it, the pics will say it all, i just have to wait till i can use my roommates camera.

    i think its called a polyploid, if anyone knows about that

    EDIT: I also picked up some new equipment, 2 100 cfm bathroom fans for 50 dollars, they mount perfectly on my closet door, have preattached 4 inch ducting, and only weight 1.2 pounds, im stoked. I wanted to wait until i got proper ventilation to flower them, now that i finally have it going i think i want to flower. This might be the opposite of most people, but im having such a hard time switching them to flower since they grow so much everyday. I want my babies to be able to grow up big and strong ya know? does anybody else have a hard time flipping the switch?

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