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  1. I have a CFL thats 125watt, 6400k will this work for flower as well as veg? Or will i need to order another 2700k for flower? Thanks in advance blades sorry for noob ?
    This is a two plant set up

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  2. Yes it will work for veg and flower, yes you should also order the 2700 because the red light will give you denser nugs. You don't have to they will grow with the other one you just should get a little better yield if you switch to the 2700 when you flower.
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    you could veg and flower with that bulb, but I'd buy a 2700k bulb when you switch to flower and run both of them
  4. Thanks for the input guys, ill definitely consider ordering the extra bulb for flower. This is good news as im on a tight budget, hope everyone's enjoying there Friday .

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  5. Either bulb alone and they'll work it's just that the plants use more blue light when they're young and more red light when they're flowering so you can switch them to get higher yields, either or both will work though if your not concerned about the yield.

  6. not really no. The idea comes from people using MH and HPS. The MH has more blue in its light so it helps keep stretching to a minimum, which is a big advantage when vegging.

    But when flowering, the stretching is less of a worry because after a few weeks they stop getting taller, and HPS puts out twice the light compared to MH so a lot more growth.

    This idea has been knocked over to CFLs but it doesn't make any difference because the Kelvin temperature doesn't effect how much light that is given off
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    Could anyone recommend some seed banks that take debt cards, and which debit cards to use? Thanks again =)
  8. Also is foxfarm or black gold organic soil any good? What kind of nutrients do i need to get my hands on? Bare minimums here

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  9. I used the vault, they rock. I use fox farm ocean forest and black gold mixed with perlite and coco-coir. There's tons of ways to mix up soil and i can tell you fox farms anything isn't a cheap way to go. i like them but cheap they're not. I like the fox farm nutes too but cheap also they are not.
  10. Ahh, 50$ for three pack of fox farm nutes.
    Are nutes a necessary? If so whats the best bang for buck? I need to know everything needed from germ to harvest. Soil,lighting,growbox aren't a issue anymore.
  11. Nutrients are necessary unless you use live soil, but you can use a bottle of £1 tomato feed if you want. It will get you a harvest at least
  12. What should i keep my eye out for as far as NPK analysis in nutes? Also could u recommend any brands for nutes, or will any no name with proper NPK do? Dyna-Gro any good?

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  13. If you have a decent soil you don't need veg nutes. Organic soil will last a good 4-6 weeks.

    When I used bottled nutes my veg solution always went untouched.
  14. Yes thank you but after those few weeks what should i order as far as nutes go?
  15. Bloom nutes. I use espoma tomato tone and bat guano but everybody has their preferences. Tiger bloom works, dynagro, Jacks classic... brand doesn't matter as much as using them properly.
  16. if you're in the US we probably won't have access to the same brands so I don't think any of my recommendations would be useful. But.... I use this and have found it to be really good so I think the NPK ratios are very close to what marijuana uses. I have used this in hydro and not changed out the reservoir the whole grow and not had problems, so the ratio must be pretty close


    As Thicken Dense said, you won't need veg nutes as the soil will have enough. But if you repeatedly reuse the same soil then veg nutes will be worth using after a couple of grows
  17. If i where to go with tiger bloom, do i follow the chart or is there something else i need to follow?
  18. usually the bottle will have directions...

    But do not use the full amount they state at first. Start with 1/4-1/2 the strength they say

    See how your plants react after a week ... not a couple hours or days .. then if they are still looking good or better work your way up to full strength or even possibly higher.
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    My growbox is a tote box standing up so it's on its tallest side with holes cut for light and intake. My question is should i put aluminum foil on walls? Also will two or one plants be best for this set up? Do i need to look into exhast fan?

    Also would it be better to use two of these bulbs for flower or my 125 watt 6400k?


    Any guess on yeild? Im aware its based on genetics but rough guess with this set up?

    Thanks guys

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