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    This is my first grow in many years. Let's begin. The box is a 34 gallon Rubbermaid tote from Home Depot. current lighting for seedlings is 4 23w 5000K CFL bulbs which i will upgrade to double on friday. Sadly its lined with foil but that will only be this week as I will also  buy Mylar friday. It has a 6" cooling desk fan for intake and vent holes for exhaust which is a monster for its size and has cooling tubes like a CPU so it's like AC. Stealth and smell is not an issue as i live in a Med state plus its location is stealth AF, and absolute darkness is also not an issue as its in a sealed box, that's in a sealed room, that's in a room with no windows. Soil is nute free minus the pearlite. I think, its the only thing i didnt buy, got it from pops. this big blue box glows like christmas and i LOVE it! I'm going to put mesh on all my intake and exhaust holes for bug prevention. all in all i think it will go pretty well, save for the mystery seeds i used. Could be high quality medical seeds, OR mexican Regg i got a mixed up little vial of seeds that contain both. so i popped in a BUNCH. either way, its about the grow process for me right now not the genetics. This is my FIRST real grow. so positive criticism will be accepted, anything else i will disregard, plain and simple. 


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  2. Oh quick details, plants are about 2-3in from the lights, its about 75 degrees in the box at the plant level, so no burining from lights, its raised up by sitting on a plastic file box. in due time will transplant to separate pots. i only water when needed(when top inch or so of soil is dry). Light cycle is 18/6.
  3. Nice! Way to go dude.
  4. YIKES, maybe. Got home from work today and went to check on the babies. and lo and behold 7 of 8 have deep purple stems. im thinking Nute defieciency, because i dont think random schwag seeds can be purple(or could they?). the seedlings them selves look extremely healthy though. so i guess i should just be patient.
  5. Font use nutes for a few weeks. Right now they will feed themselves. Definitely be patient
  6. Quick question. You have a lot of plants in that one bucket...what happens if the roots become root bound?
    Not saying that will happen.
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    they will be transplanted before that happens. At about three nodes, or earlier, probably saturday. Its also when I will be upgrading lights. Also any number could be males(bagseed) so I expect only about 4 or so to be Fem. Which with full size pots is all that will fit.EDIT Root bounding can occur with ANY plant whether its by itself or pot sharing with others. You probably meant root entanglement like when the roots of two or more plants essentially strangle one another

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