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    So I believe I've made up my mind on my room setup.
    -5x5 tent
    -Kind xl750 LED
    -Multiflow ebb and flow bucket system. (plan to do 4 buckets in the tent)
    -Phresh 6x12 450cfm filter
    -Can fan pro 420cfm 6" exhaust fan
    -Variable speed controller for fan
    -7 in dome propagation chamber for clones
    -Hydroplanet 250 cfl and reflector for clones
    -32"x32"x63" tent die mother and possibly clones as well
    -Apollo Horticulture GLK400GW19 400 Watt Grow Light for mother
    -Aquatic Life RO Buddie Three Stage Reverse Osmosis kit
    -Botanicare Hydroguard Bacillus Root Inoculant
    -FoxFarm Dirty Dozen kit
    -Several digital timers, circulation fans, ppm and ph meters, ducting, hydroton, and rapid root plugs.

    Any insight would be well appreciated as this is my first ever. Feel free to let me know what I'm missing, or if my setup is just not right. Thanks.
  2. Welcome to the boards Altron!

    Looks like you have the right idea, this website has a plethora of information available.

    Things to consider:
    • Electric heater w/thermostat
    • Humidifier
    • Reservoir + air pump + air stone + 1/4" tubing
    • Snips for trimming
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  3. I'm gonna buy an RO setup, I've got calmag on my list of things to buy. Is there any other treatments outside of the regular nutrients that I'll want on hand?

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