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    got finished with making my first grow room. its 4`x30"x30",dual fan cut in the side,heater mounted up at the top left,another little fan for the plants tucked behind the lights, 10 27watt cfl`s mounted to a bathroom vanity with socket splitters and pieces of duct work for a reflector and jack chain so i can raise and lower easily. theres a jesus statue in the box because one day raking leaves he popped up out of the ground and thought it had to be good luck so i want him to give my plants good luck. superstitious thing. only working with 3 plants. using regular miracle gro organic and a little bone meal with the bagseed. i know people hate on miracle grow but it was convienient at the time. if ll goes well this time around, next time ill get fox farm ocean forrest. but it seems to be doing the job. and suggestions? oh 18/6 days heat around 70-77 degrees humidity 45-55% all criticism welcome sorry i dont know how to flip the pics right side up sorry

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  2. We hate on miricle grow because it sucks. However your particular MG is the best of the bad. Just add perlite to it for drainage. Since the title is "grow room" I moved to the grow room design setup section.
  3. I saw a neat thread on CFL reflectors made from soda cans that may help out better than that reflector that you are using. I don't know if it was here, but you may want to google it. Otherwise, I am sure you could figure it out by just looking at a pop can and a cfl bulb. Otherwise looks good. Like it so far. Not sure what I am looking at in the last photo, let me know.
  4. That grow room setup is way fucking sick... mad props for that... the hwole lowing lights thing is genius too. im baked but idk why but this one is just like my favorite thing i have ever seen. Made PROPS+
  5. nice. Was it hard to wire the cfls and everything?
  6. first the idea of how to use a bathroom vanity light bar and duct work was posted by another membe of this site unfotunatly i forgot the thread and screenname. the wiring was easy i jumped 14/2 wire from one fixture to the other and another wire straight up and out the box connected to a male end adapter cord cap. it was alot easier than i thought all together making the lights wiring the and what not took an hour. thanks for the props hopefully my plants will do good only 2 for begining

  7. thanks i did put this thread in the wrong place. the last pic is of the some of the cfls with the reflection bad pic. im just using bag seed with convenient and available products. when all goes well and i get a little more experienced i will invest in better products and seeds.

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