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  1. Greetings fellow gardeners :wave:

    im new and this is my first post though i have been on here for a while for research and inspiration. this forum has so many resources for a new grower its amazing, but one can easily become confused.

    the pic is the space im using. its a cupboard in a wall 1.5ft deep and 4ft wide. height is about 6 ft but with lamp and pots it'll be a lot smaller so im set for a SCroG grow, as orgainc as possible, with 2 or 3 plants in soil. i'll be using seeds, firstly with some bagseed of what was apparently red diesel who knows but it was a nice smoke. i need to know if i have enough space, mainly depth for 2-3 plants. does anyone know of long and narrow scrog setups?i will be buying seeds when im confident i wont kill em, can anyone recommend a sativa,skunk or lemon strains good for SCroG? (sorry, i know this has been asked 1000 times before!)

    i have almost everything planned out, but confused myself over lighting :smoking:
    i know i need mh or blue cfl for veg and hps or red cfl for flower. was decided on a 400watt mh and hps but i think it will produce too much heat for the grow space, and also raise electricity bills too much, as this is a sort of a stealth grow. i CANT get a 400w so it'll have to be a 250w, but to save more electricity i was thinking of using 250w hps for flowering and CFL's for vegging, whats the 'CFL' equivalent of a 250w MH? is 250w hps going to be enough to flower 3 plants, supplemented with the cfls i use for vegging?

    this turned out to be a long post, hope i made sense

    thanks for any help


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  2. 2-3 plants MAX and a 400 vented and filtered well would work well but if you go 250w. HID MH in flower try to go with a 4 foot T5 4-or 6 bulb system and that WILL kick ass for the MH.

    I'm not a big fan of SCROG,seems pointless after you have done both IMO.

    A little LST in flower and your set.

    You WILL need to vent that room and if $$ is not the issue get the 400 and stop worrying about the power consumption,after everything you plug in the 150w. difference will not make any difference at all.

    If your that worried swoop out all the houses incandescent bulbs for CFL's to off set the difference.;)
  3. thanks for reply.

    grow room is now finished in anti-fungus flat white paint and properly sealed with ventilation sorted:D

    only two plants so decided on 250watt mh for vegging and 250watt hps for flowering. with some cfl's scattered about for extra lumens. i got it right ?

    tomorrow im buying the pots and soil etc. can you recommend a particular soil brand/type?

    after logging on i forget my original question so sorry if i keep editing..:smoking:
  4. ive considered every light possible!! think i'll get 250mh/hps with some cfls for extra light. when it is set up i want to get some cfls for clones but not yet.

    seymor skagneti: I found a thread the other day with video of a grow room with incredible flowers from CFL only, I think CFL will give you much more managable heat with similar to a 400w HPS.

    - how many cfls would this require? im thinking the mh/hps lamp will be less hassle with wiring etc. ventilation is not a problem, i have fresh air flowing in and out and diy odour control is under way. im not surrounded by neighbours in this house so not too big a problem. ive done lots of research and decided on 250mh/hps instead of 400w as any increase in electricity bills will raise some questions and i cant blame it on masses of electronics cos i dont have any!

    thanks for your help. i hope its a fairly decent beginner setup, only for 2 plants to start with and i'll more than happy to get results like some of the 250w grow journals i've seen.

    now i need to do more research on nutes and soils as i still dont know what will be best.

    ordered super lemon haze fem seeds and now looking through strains of cheese..drool...:smoking:
  5. Kamel's CFL Guide post 781, this should be a link to the page
    If you haven't checked this topic out I recomend you spend some time reading this thread, one of the biggest issues newbs like you & me have is the heat put out from an HPS, I wish I would've reasearched some before I purchased my 400w, I set up in a 2x3x6 and then a 3x4x6 area and hated having to deal with the heat, had I seen the results that HO T-5 flourecents can give or just simple CFL's I never would've gone down the HPS road, yes the CFL's will generate heat but it will be less & more managable.
    Also with HID lights you have one unit MFG. "offshore" using electricity putting out alot of heat that you can't even touch the bulb & electrical components that may malfuction & start a fire, vs. many CFL's you can touch that if they go bad they will more that likly just go out indivdualy.
    If you must go HPS, get a cool tube model, that will vent the heat directly form the bulb vs. venting the high heat built up from the grow area.
  6. hi again thanks for the advice, im going to order a combination of hid and cfls for as much light at the right spectrums as i can.

    but i just thought, my computer has a 650watt power supply. is it drawing approx as much power as a 600 watt HID light??
  7. anyone know the answer to this? googled it but cant find anything, maybe its obvious, im a complete rookie so apologies for some stupid questions

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