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    Hello! I have only posted a few threads on here, a few weeks ago I had some nute burning probs and some users help me diagnose this. Thanks guys! All of my plants pulled through :hello: Very happy. My grow room is finally complete enough to start using. I wanted to share some pictures and a video on what methods I am using. For a first time grower I think my room is fairly advanced/extensive. I am using Eco-Grow pots. If you are familiar with these pots you know how they work. They are essentially a bottom feed capillary hydroponic system in a single pot. They are very cost effective and genius in their simple design. Each pot has a reservoir which you fill with water/nutes and has a overflow system. Roots are unable to grow into the reservoir and use capillary to draw water into the root's medium. Another (perhaps over the top and eccentric) method I am using is aerating each reservoir personally. Air stones are fed into the feeding tube of the Eco-Pots and tubes run across the ceiling to a air bank. I currently only have 8 plants receiving this treatment until the room is finished. Ideally I want 12 total as I will only have 12 plants in flowering at a time. I have 2x 1000W metal halide lights for veg right now. My pants are 4 and 6 weeks old. I am currently using 2 different hoods for these lights. One more efficient than the other but both fine for veg. My room is also equip with a carbon filter and 2x air intake turbines both intake and export at 100cfm. Everything Is on timers. The containers on the floor you see in the video are stuffed/lined with a absorbent cloth making the water more still, this is easier for the lights to evaporate the water in the containers to stimulate humidity. Right now my humidity is fairly lower than I want it to be but luckily I work from home so misting 3 times a day is no problem for me. My room also has 2x green lights for night time working while saving energy on my lights ^.^ All of the water I use to feed my plants is rain water gathered from 50gal drums. The water is then Filtered and is run to another 50gal drum modified with a faucet. All water is Ph tested before use. My current growing medium in the Eco-Pots is a custom mix. Fox farm soil green bag, worm casting, bat guano and is mixed with a non fert growing medium (vermiculite and perlite). Once a week I feed these guys a small serving of root enhancer. Once I feel confident they have consumed the majority of the fert in the soil I will be giving them some Superthrive with nutes Tho I need to look into this more, I have recently read Superthrive in a hydroponics res can cause a slime. (If anyone has an opinion/experience of this please respond)....My room is also ready for flowing with 3x 1000w high pressure sodium Bulbs. I have also have 3x oscillating fans coming in the mail soon. This is just first room that will be for flowering. Veg and clone room is under construction. My strains I am currently growing are: #1 Bomb Cheese, Afgan Ak47, Double Dutch, and Lemon Haze. I have clones coming next week 2 of each: White widow and Top 44. A lot of plants but this is a joint-grow Caregiver + Patient Household and many will be left in veg. I will keep you all posted on my next room when its near done! Enjoy the pics and video
    Not bad for a first time grow ^.^
    Questions/comments/suggestions! :wave:

    (Video wouldn't upload Here is a private Youtube link)
    Room 010 - YouTube

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  2. Are you veging 12 plants w/ 2x 1000w lights and plan on 3 1000 watters for 12 in flower?

    3rd grow-bc big bud
  3. Yes. 3x Watters for Flowering... The plants will be more spread out seeing their size....Another light will be brought in. Height and Distance will be adjusted accordingly for max Lumens.
  4. IMO you could veg those with a 400mh and flower with one maybe two 1000w. Seems like overkill to me.

    Beginning 3rd grow(Apprentice) - BC Big Bud
  5. honestly i don't think it's overkill at all will just increase your yield. pack on the lights looking good
  6. Thanks for the comments guys. Thats essentially my goal. Bigger yeilds. And 3x 1000W bulbs for 12 Plants in bud seems significant to me not overkill. Maybe its just the shallow elitist perspective I have on growing but 2x Bulbs wouldn't seem like enough for 12 plants. Imo. But again im new to this.
  7. Did I hear go big or go home??? Lol. Good luck with your setup. It looks sexy...set you back a dollar or two im sure. Keep a journal and you will thank yourself later so you dont make the same mistake twice.
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    Holy Christ on a Cracker! Put up a poster or something; it looks like an operating room right now.
    Seriously, nice well planned execution but you may want to consider remounting the liquid dispenser down below the power outlets.
  9. It actually doesn't dispense liquid it pumps air.
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    I plan to have a size about this. Ill be keeping up to date

    I now want a setup like yours so bad.

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