First Grow: Rockster's Cheese, CH9 Humboldt & TGA Third Dimension

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  1. Hey everyone. I've been reading a ton of posts on here and I'm starting my first grow. I love looking through grow journals so I thought I'd start my own. This will be a fast grow with minimal veg time because I'm living in the boonies and got no product.

    Purchased Kaliman Rockster's Cheese seeds from Attitude. Also got 1 Ch9 Humbolt and 1 TGA Subcool The Third Dimension.

    Planted seeds in party cups with a mix of perlite and Miracle Grow Organic Soil. I've since read a lot of bad things about the Miracle Grow Organic Soil so I'm planning on using something else when I transplant.

    Lighting is 6 23 watt 6500k cfls for veg. I havent decided if I'm going to pick up a HPS for flowering or try and use cfls. Money is tight. Thanks for checking this out, pics coming up.
  2. 11/08/11 Day 1: Seedlings have come up. I've got 4 Rockster's cheese (Reg), 1 Humboldt (Fem), and 1 TGA Subcool The Third Dimension (Reg) that have successfully sprouted.

  3. 11/11/11 Day 4: Had a really sunny day so I put the seedlings in a window. After more research I've decided to just keep them under the cfls.

  4. 11/14/11 Day 7: Plants seem to be doing well and are growing quickly. I am using a 18/6 light cycle. I've added a mulch of compost (my own) on top of the miracle grow soil thinking it might give the plants some extra nutrients when I water.

  5. 11/16/11 Day 9: The plants are really starting to bush out and most have their 3rd set of true leaves coming in.

  6. 11/16/11 Day 9: This plant is the largest and oddly the first set of true leaves have 3 leaf blades on one side and 2 leaf blades on the other. I haven't seen that before and was wondering if it's very common. Thanks for any input.

  7. 11/18/11 Day 11: Plants are starting to droop. After some research, I found this droopiness is either caused by over-water, under-watering or needing to be transplanted. I think my watering schedule is okay (every 2 or 3 days when the cups are feeling light) so I figure they need to be transplanted...

  8. 11/18/11 Day 11: I have transplanted the plants to larger pots. The soil is a mix of the miracle grow organic potting soil, my own garden soil, compost and perlite. There is also an inch of perlite at the bottom. I cut the party cups with small scissors to remove the plants. The roots were covering most of the cups. Not rootbound, but definitely ready for transplant.

  9. After reading about making willow water to promote root growth for clones I decided to make some to help the plants after being transplanted. Luckily I have a few big weeping willows outside my house. Cut some small branches off and poured boiling water over them. I'm going to let it cool off then water the plants with it.

  10. 11/20/11 Day 13: Droopiness is gone! I don't know if the willow water helped, but 8 hours after transplanting all the plants puffed back up and are not drooping at all. They seem to be continuing to grow. It could be my imagination, but after turning my fan off for a while I was getting some stinky smells from their direction.

  11. 11/22/11 Day 15: Plants are growing really quickly!

  12. 11/24/11 Day 17: Transplanted into 3 gallon buckets. Used soil from my garden, homemade compost, perlite and some miracle grow organic garden soil. Transplant went a little rough. I should have waited for a better root ball, or transplanted straight from the party cups into the 3 gallon buckets. The reason I went ahead was that I want to switch to flowering very soon and wanted the plants to be settled in there final pots. Here's hoping they do okay!

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    11/25/11 Day 18: Watered with some willow water right after the transplant. One day later and all the plants look fine! They are already growing rapidly in their new pots.

  14. 11/27/11 Day 20: Well I was going to wait a few more days before changing to 12/12, but when I woke up yesterday my timer had gotten stuck and didn't kick the lights back on. So I ended up with about 12hrs dark. I figured might as well start flowering now! So Day 19, first day of 12/12. Also switched cfls to 2700k. Currently I have 2 26w cfls on each plant. Once I determine which are females, I plan to have 4 26w bulbs on each plant.

  15. All looking really good teddy :hello:

    Have you tried the cheese before?
  16. Hey Rockster, thanks for the reply.

    No, I haven't had the chance to try the cheese before. Very excited. I hear good things. :smoke:
  17. 11/30/11 Day 23: Plants are starting to stretch. Watered yesterday with some aerated compost tea I whipped up from garden compost, egg shells, coffee grounds and unsulfured molasses.

  18. Oh, a proper organic grow, nice one teddy, :)

    Here's a few pics of a fellow called squirrels grow and is at 7 weeks plus flowering but that is hydro but it'll give you an idea of what to expect.

    As a pointer, this is a strain that benefits from topping and training rather than growing tall and is a light to medium feeder.

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  19. Wow those look amazing! I appreciate the info about the strain. I will definitely be experimenting with topping and training in my future grows.

    This grow I went into flowering really quick (19 days veg) because I currently have no MJ or connects. Also want to keep the plants small since I'm using CFLs. I'll be taking clones soon to get some moms going.

    Can't wait to see these beauties start to flower. Are you the Rockster that created this strain?? If so thanks a lot :hello:

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