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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by WhobeBoo, May 28, 2009.

  1. Greetings…

    I am planning my first grow and I have a couple of questions…

    But first… my setup:

    8 container General Hydroponics Water Farm with reservoir – drip system to run 24/7
    400 watt HPS light
    General Hydroponic nutes – Lucas Formula (using RO water)
    Milwaukee 802 meter

    My questions:

    • I know to rinse the hydroton before use - Should I wash my water farm system before first use? If so.. with what?
    • Would there be a benefit to run some air stones in the buckets to increase the O2
    • Would there be a benefit to create a drain back from the individual buckets back into the reservoir? I think that it would be easier to adjust PH and PPM this way. – or am I over thinking this?

    Thanks for your help…

    WhoBe :wave:
  2. 1) yes, you wash the pellets in a barrel of water, then rinse them in pH5.5 water. Run household bleach and water, through your system, then wash it out with dish liguid and water, and rinse out throrughtly. Rinse your rockwool under your water tap before use, then soak the cube over night in pH5.0 water before putting your seedling/clone in them.
    2) no need, you should have a bubbler in your rez
    3) it would be a bonus if you could recirculate the nutrient solution.
  3. just give all the parts a good rinse.

    yes there is plenty of benefit to putting airstones inside the individuale ( sp?) buckets. at the very least it is a back up to your rings getting clogged ( and they will , just wipe em off with a warm wet towel when they do)

    and a circulating system for the GH 8 pack is almost a must...otherwise you will be dealing with nute and pH issues ( aka the res. doesn't fill each bucket the with the same flow..some get more ..some get less) in each bucket..and the problems will be difffrent for each. otherwise the only oxygen your plants will get will be from the drip/runnoff inside the net pots themselves. growth in mine Xploded when I added 2 airstones per.

    GH sells a recirculating kit for the 8 pack its cheap BTW

    and you may find keeping 8 plants under a 400 watter ( those buckets are about a 1 foot square) a bit of a pain.. I sugest you cut down to 4 ( 6 at the most) under that light.

  4. Thanks for the info.... that is great news about the recirculating kit :hello: ... it is simpler than what I was planning!


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