First grow questions! Please anwser!

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  1. Whats up grasscity!!
    I started an indoor grow a few days ago in my walk-in closet I have 4 dank bagseeds I've collected over the past few weeks, and while they are germinating I just had a few questions....
    1. What type of light should I buy for this grow? I will probably keep only 2 plants.....
    2. Will an old clip on heat lamp from my dead geckos cage work as light in the mean time?
    3. How many hours should I cycle the lights on and off for the first few weeks o it's life?
    4. Will there be enough ventilation in the closet for the plants?
    5. How should I go about transferring the plants from the cup I put them in after germinating, into a bigger pot?
    6. And finally how could I make or where could I buy or how to make a carbon filter or something to cover the smell?

    Thanks for everyone's help in advance! :D
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  3. First- it all depends on what YOU wanna do, and how much money you want to spend.
    1. CFL's will get you through veg, you want hps for flower.
    2. I wouldnt recommend using the heat lamp.
    3. For veg- I go with 24/0 light cycle, some people do 18/6 ect.. For flower do 12/12
    4. Ventilation- you want to have fans to at least circulate the air, if you are checking on them daily you can get by without intake/outtake.
    5. Can't help with this one, I do hydro.
    6. You can get a carbon filter at any hydro store or online, you will need a fan to use filter.
  4. 1. You can buy any lights you want man. If you go CFL's its at least 100watts per plant during veg and at least 300watts per plant during flowering..T8's work great and don't heat up so much. If you wanna go LED and you got about $500 just for LED's, buy a good panel from Lighthouse Hydroponics or Advanced LED. If you want to go with HID lighting, buy a 250w HPS/MH system?
    2. I think that wouldn't be strong enough...
    3. Some people like to start on 24/0, and then once its getting close to veg, they do 18/6 all through veg. I personally do 24/0 all the way till flower.....your choice and whatever the strain likes best. :)
    4. You should have a circulating fan for well as air coming in from under the door maybe? Or you could cut a hole in the ceiling of the closet and vent the air out using an inline fan?
    5. Just check the roots man. Compact the soil a little and gently flip the cup over making sure the plant isn't damaged....if you can see some roots, its time to transplant to a bigger pot. Personally, I would transplant to a 3 gallon pot...that could work the whole grow without needing another transplant.
    6. You can use a few things to cover smell. Some use ONA Gel..Doesn't work well for me though. Another way is using an Ozone Generator. A great alternative is going to your local hydroponic store and buying a GOOD inline fan, carbon filter with a CFM rating that is good with the fan and possibly ducting. To calculate how much CFM (Cubic feet per minute) you need, do Length x Width x Height of grow area. Now divide this by 5 and you get your recommended CFM that will work great for the grow. This number is the minimum.
  5. Read the stickies at the top of the forum. All questions are answered there and a whole lot more. Everything you need to know.
  6. Couldn't have said it better myself.

    OP thats what the stickies are there for, they provide TONS of good info. You should put up some pictures when its all up and running. Good luck homie
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    True haha I tried them but they didn't answer all my questions so I just started a new one.... And I will put up some pics but right now I'm still waiting on germination, just don't wanna rush her you know ;) haha....
  8. I appreciate everyone's answers they really helped me alot, :) +rep for all you guys
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    I'm not sure if we have any hydro stores in Virginia?.... But where would I go about buying one of those ozone generators if you know a place or two offhand

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