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  1. Hi everyone! I have been lurking around the forums for months now and have just decided that I finally want to test out my green thumb. I ordered 2 five packs of seeds off the internet and am anxiously awaiting their arrival, and I was shopping for lights, etc and came up with a couple questions.

    If (and I'm not expecting them to) all 10 seeds miraculously grow into beautiful female plants, how much space and how much light wattage would you recommend for a grow of that size NOT using the sea of green method?

    Was thinking about just splurging and getting a 400W HPS lighting system, but I don't want to if it's not going to be enough light for my plants. How much lighting would you recommend for that amount of plants? Could I get away with using some 48" fluorescent tubes from Lowes? That would definitely be cheaper but would my plants grow to their optimum potential?

    Thanks GC, you've helped me for many months on my herb related questions and I haven't even had to make an account until now!
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    10 plants x 100 w = 1000 w you will need alot of space if you want them to grow to thier max.

    I think if i was going to suggest anything it would be 2 x 600w hps/mh. gives you a much larger footprint to grow and lots of power. if you try and grow them too close together it hurts the yeild

    you will also need a couple of cfl's for germination and rooting.
  3. well damn, those are expensive.

  4. you have to start by coming up with how much space you have and go from there. how much space/environment are you gonna be able to maintain/control throughout the grow. then you choose your method/medium etc.
  5. You say about getting 10 seeds, why not invest in 1 x 600w hps/mh with only 5 plants do a cycle, then repeat with the other 5 seeds this way you should have about 6 months to find the funds to buy another lamp. What size is the space that you are growing in?? i have a 100x100x200cm and i have a 400w hps/mh and im planning on having just 4.
  6. I'll know that better tomorrow. I'm renting a room at a house of a friend in a rural area to do this in and I'm gonna take measurements tomorrow.
  7. You need a 1000w system. I've seem them for as little as $200 online with a cheap reflector. I think you should plan on $300 to $350 for your light, and another $150 for the right ventilation setup.

    Grow Lights, Grow Bulbs and Hydroponics - Plantlighting Hydroponics & Grow Lights has the best lighting prices I've come across.

    Also, you're going to need a minimum area of 6 feet x 6 feet x 6 feet to grow in.

    The 48" fluorescent tubes from hardware stores are a joke, they don't work, take it from someone who has tried. The strength of the light just isn't enough to encourage decent photosynthesis and budding.

    With the cost of reflectors being the same across the board the only difference between a 1000w lamp and a 400w lamp is about $35 for the ballast and $25 for the bulb. Another $60 gets you the system you need. Just don't underestimate ventilation, light isn't any more important than air.
  8. This helped a lot, I know a lot better what kind of $$$ I'm getting myself into spending, and might have to put the project on hold for a week or two, which is disappointing but I'd much rather do it right for more money, than wrong on a budget.
  9. I agree totally. if you want results, its takes patience. and effort. but its very rewarding when you get 10 ounces off 2 plants.

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