First grow: Pruning/thinning upper branches

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ViPER395, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Should I be thinning the upper branches of my outdoor plant? The bottom 1/3 are pretty clear, but I am looking for information on what, and how much to take from the top at this stage (August 2, 38N lat)

    Should I be taking off secondary or tertiary branches off of the main shoots? Should I be removing any new shoots or growth of branches from the upper half and keep it just one main shoot from main stalk to branch end, or should I let the branches keep growing new branches and growth?

    They are getting a lot of new secondary branches.

  2. I'd let em grow more then top all the new shoot when they get a few nodes any pics
  3. Let me try and get a pic uploaded . . .
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  4. Okay I think that worked:

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  5. Looks good a bit of a stretcher but looks great
    when ya goin switch to flower
  6. Whenever nature does it for me.

    I'm guessing in two or three weeks it will start to flower. I've heard August 15 around here.
  7. Kool I'd jus let go once it begins to flowers then I'd just clean the bottom and snip anything that want make it to the canopy
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  8. Are you planning to take any clones
  9. Wasn't planning on taking clones. I don't have the infrastructure to support them really.
  10. Alrighty well just let her do her thing once she starts to flower or get too congested leaves touching then I'd manicure her up a bit
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