First grow problems

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by juicedupjay, May 2, 2016.

  1. I have a young skunk thats in some organic "Supersoil" that i composted myself.
    Ph. of soil 6.7
    Ph of water 7
    Light: Kindlight l600
    I had her sprouted and placed in the soil about a month before my lights and tent arrived. the moment i placed her under light i saw rapid growth but then yesterday i checked and my leaves where turning color and the new growth looked all twisted an weird. (See atached picture). I am battling a fungus gnat problem so i put some gnat nix on top of my soil. Can you give me any insight on to what might be causing the discoloration?
  2. the white "dust" is residue from the gnat nix
  3. how old is she?
  4. 4 weeks. was started as a window grow but just placed under light a week ago
  5. shes very small looking to me. i have no experiance with your kind of lights, im sure someone will pick up on this and give you some advice
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  6. heres mine at 4 weeks baby1.jpg
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  7. lookin way healthier than mine! I really hope I can figure this out
  8. I would like to know what's in your super soil
    • 8 large bags of a high-quality organic potting soil with coco fiber and mycorrhizae (i.e., your base soil)
    • 25 to 50 lbs of organic worm castings
    • 5 lbs steamed bone meal
    • 5 lbs Bloom bat guano
    • 5 lbs blood meal
    • 3 lbs rock phosphate
    • ¾ cup Epson salts
    • ½ cup sweet lime (dolomite)
    • ½ cup azomite (trace elements)
    • 2 tbsp powdered humic acid

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