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First grow problems with pics

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by straightgiggin, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. So I am doing my first grow right now, I have 2 babies, one is Blue Dream and the other is AK-47 I think.
    I am growing indoor, using high output T5 flouros, Sunshine #4 is my medium. The Blue Dream is 8" tall now and the AK is about 14" tall.  I got them as clones 3 weeks ago and they have grown about an inch each.  
    This week some of the lower, bigger leaves started turning yellow and then the tips and serrated edges of the leaves were turning black-dark brown.  Even the new leaves growing at the top of the plant have dark on the edges.
    I haven't added any nutes and the water I use is bought from a water store and has a ph of 8.47 according to the store.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I want to save my babies.


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    you not feeding them is the problemsuggestions, hints and tips welcome always. Stay cool
  3. And If I was growing them id put them I a bigger pot. Them dont look to big to me. But its a picture im going by and its hard to tell. What soil are you using?

    suggestions, hints and tips welcome always.

    Stay cool

  4. I'm not using a soil, its sunshine mix #4.  Yeah, I need to put the bigger one in a new pot the other one still has space for its roots to grow before I switch it out.  So I should give them some nutes? 
  5. Yes I have sunshine mix #4 and it dont have a thing I it for nutrients. You need to give them something or they will keep doing that and then die after being starved. Dont give them full strength nutes you might burn them.
    OK, so I gave them some ferts today. I hope they look better in a few days.  Another question: with the nutes it says to dissolve them in a gallon of water.  Do I then pour that whole gallon on my plant? I don't know what I am doing and am turning to you guys that have been doing this for a while to help this n00b
  7. Did you put them on bigger pots? You should put them in bigger pots soon. And it looks like your plants are streching to. Your soil will only hold so much water. Mix enough for a half gallon of water if it won't hold all that nute solution.
  8. And your ph is a bit to high that shoud be at 6
  9. Yeah I moved them to bigger pots.  About the stretching, I've had them really close to the lights and I got them as clones like that. Idk wha to do about the stretching.  I know my PH should be lower but I'm strapped for cash and can't get the ph up/down stuff just yet.  I live in seattle so I've been catching rain water and using that to water my plants cuz I think it has a pretty neutral ph.  I really appreciate your help neonrio.
  10. Also, one more thing. I've been reading a lot about air circulation and what not.  I just have the plants in a large bathroom and i keep the door cracked open.  Occasionally I put a fan on them to make them stronger but other than that I don't circulate the air.  Is that good enough for the plants?
  11. how many lights are you using and how far away are they? If you could find a smaller spot and add more light you'd be better off. Right now them are stressing out over the light.
    I have 4 54watt T5 high output flouros each 48 inches long.  This is what I have http://www.homedepot.com/p/ViaVolt-4-ft-4-Bulb-T5-High-Output-Copper-Fluorescent-Grow-Light-Fixture-V44/203012866#.Uo-4v8SfjXs.  They are about 3-4 inches away from the lights. Cuz they are flouros they don't put out too much heat so they can be pretty close.
    I thought you said put them in a bigger pot?  I did put them in a bigger pot, the roots were crowding, especially on the bigger plant which is a Blue Dream.
  13. Yes I said bigger pots. Can u find a smaller room to put them in ? Your losing light in the big room. The room you should be in would be close to your lights size or a bit bigger

    puff puff pass, thats no microphone your speaking into!!

    Hey here is a link to my grow journal for these plants. thanks again for all your help Neonrio/Goldenboy
  15. man, I were you, I would just trash those, research solidly for about a week, plan everything out again, get new clones, and try again. not trying to be a Debbie downer, but you're in seattle, you have the resources to start again much better off

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