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  1. Alright i have one seedling about 7-10 days old. I got the seeds from HGS (speedy delivery, 100% germ rate). Its under a 105watt 5000K CFL about 4" away from the top. I have it set about 2-3" from the top of the nutrient level. I water about once a day from the top just untill the roots hit the water. Its 1-2" tall with the round leave, a set of jagged leaves, and then a smaller set of jagged leaves coming out of the top. They all look nice and green and healthy but the leaves are all droopy and im concerned they stopped growing. After looking at other grow journals I just thought they should be a little bit bigger at nearly 2 weeks but idk, thats why im making this post.

    If anyone has any thoughts please share them! And let me know if i left out any information. Thankss!!
  2. haha sorry i just got back from pineapple express and am still stoned...Its in a bubble bucket (Thanks Rumple!) in hydroton clay pellets...thanks again
  3. Got any pics, honestly I was going to say overwatering until ya said it's a hydro setup.
  4. well bro it def could be overwatering because im watering it through the top becuase i dont think the roots are reaching the solution yet. I have a few pics but im having trouble uploading them. Ill try my hardest to have them up in a couple of hours...thanks for the response though
  5. Well if you are using a hydroton pebble hydro system, they should either be getting flooded or have a drip system. How are they being watered if not by hand by you? Usually its a DWC(deep water culture) system that has its own resevoir in each bucket, in which while the roots are small you can raise the water level till the roots get longer.
  6. yeah im using a dwc system...are you saying i should raise the nutrient level all the way up untill it reaches the roots? Theyre barely out of the rockwool i think...

  7. OK so ya got net pots holding rockwool plugs that havent even started popping out the bottom of the rockwool, never mind the hydroton net pots. Am I correct? If I am, unfortunatly I have heard ya just have to water them by hand or have a drip system set up for the start. once they get an inch out of the net pots ya can raise the solution up to get ropots dipped in and lower it as they grow. Now I do believe you should be watering at least twice a day cause those roots are going to dry fast which could cause wilting big time,looks just like overwatering until death is close. How often do you water again??
  8. Around once a day, a didnt today though cause the rockwool is think i should go down right now and water it? if so nutes or no nutes?
  9. is your CFL 105 actual watts or equivalent???
    something in your setup sounds off.
  10. thanks for the help guys. check out the pics on my grow journal...some yellow spots have started to show on some of the bigger leaves. Any ideas?

  11. Foliar spray damage (don't spray them when the lights are on, or spray them, then shut the lights off asap, ventialte to clear the humidity on the leaves, then once they are not wet and/or humid anymore, turn the lights back on).
  12. Damn, i wish i had learned that prior, ive been spraying while its under 24/7 light. If i stopped foliar spraying how long do you think untill the yellow subsides? THANKS BIGTIME BRO!! +rep
  13. That right there is pretty tricky to answer but I can give it a shot I guess (and thx for the + rep, greatly appreciated :) )...

    Foliar spray can be reversed, but it's fairly hard to do and you need to be delicate/patient in the process.

    Basicaly, Nitrigen and/or magnesium could repair the damage if it's minimal. Add a bit more N and/or MG in your water regularly. NOT nutrients or food water!!! Your regular, clear ph ready water, add a tiny amount like 1 N and 1 MG which would equal about 10ml magical (for Magnesium) and not sure what product ot use for pure nitrogen, unless you get a source of pure nitrgen which is fairly rare. Do this for about a week or so or until you reach desired results. consider that if the spots @ least don't get bigger, in reality they are are getting smaller. This is because the leaf is growing and the spots aren't, which is a good thing. Can you completely reverse it though all depends on how big the spots are. How early you are adressing the problem, and how much extra nutes your plant can take regularly with out starting to get grumpy. If you over nut it's not a good thing either.

    Honestly this is a project for a more experienced grower so use my instructions @ your own risk!
  14. Shit alright thanks man. I dont have a pure source of MG or N, ill have to put those on my list. And when i do foliar spray, how long do i leave the lights off for before i can turn them back on? I think i just asked them same question on a different thread but oh well:p. Thanks again!
  15. Up to you to tell, touch the leaves, check if they are damp or dry, if dry turn the lights back on. I (when I foliar spray) check about every hour, depends how heavily you sprayed them, mist is all that's needed, doesn;t need to be "Wet" just damp is all
  16. Oh alright thats pretty simple, i just switched to 18/6 so ill just spray them before the lights go off. Thanks man:smoking:

  17. hey, im pretty new to this site and i was wondering if youll veterans can help out?
    im experiencing the same problem , my seedlings leaf are drooping. it started to droop over night some how. first it was fully erect then in the morning it was drooping. prior to the drooping leafs i did give it alot of water , but i gave it alot because i feel like the soil was dry. it was basically, crisp and dry. its still healthy green looking but only drooping problem.

  18. yea im into my like 3rd or 2nd week in veging and notice two of my origalal seedlins didnt even come come close to the growth of one another .........hers whats up they all have like brown spots on the first leaves and the shorthest one when i looked at the rockwool it had brown spots on the bottom of the rock wool and the dwc water kind of smelled bad yet the bigges seedling water smells good and has ectreme roots compared to the bad one.but both the seedling have the brown spote on the first few leaves

    there both in a dwc system and coakaroaches kind of problems LOL i live in the gettoLOL and just wondering if that could be the problem?



  19. help will be extremly apreccetiaceited

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