First Grow prep.

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  1. Hi all, im currently waiting for my papers to get back to me signed from my doctor, and am working on my grow box for my first grow. relatively small its 2x2x3 for 2 plants (1 for my first crop and harvest, 1 to mother.). going to be using CFL and flourescent tubes. for overhead i plan to have four CFL bulbs that can be addusted for plant growth. surrounding the plants with a set of 2, 2' flourescent tubes(also addustable.), per wall. i have already scoped out ventting (looking at 6" so i can use them later in a larger box for when momma gets older), timers and thermos at the local hydro store.

    Looking for any and all input, im new but i like my reasearch and learning new things on hand :). especially looking for ideas for lining up the vents based on pics of box.

    Considering LST. good for first timer?

    Thanks all :)

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  2. So added some "Handles" with power bars on them so that the lights can be addjusted for growth. drilling a hole in the top aswell today to run a top light down

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  3. P.S. ig nore the masking tape on the right one, eppoxy is drying :p

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