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  1. I'm thinking about starting my first grow pretty soon and i wanted some help on questions I have.

    -What's a good yielding indoor strain?
    -Are there any purple leaf strains for indoor?
    -What type of yield should I suspect from a first time grow indoor?
    -When it comes to potency, are reg. seeds really THAT much better than af seeds?
    -How difficult is setup usually?
    -Know any sites for:
    Violator Kush, Pineapple Express (if it isn't clone only), Endless Sky (""), Master Kush,
    Og Kush, White Rhino, Plain Jane (""), pretty much any good indoor indica,
    or any strain with a mango(ish) smell &/or taste?

    Any help or useful advice will be appreciated & +reputation

    Btw, space wise would be closet. hopefully a medium/small grow box. I want my plants to grow enough to have a pretty decent yield. Something like half my height. Below average but not small.

  2. You should do more research. Look up other peoples grows. There's a lot of videos on YouTube. That's were I started find what someone else is doing and try to replicate for your first grow. And just be happy to learn a couple tricks and yield something worth smoking.
    As far ad seeds go I hear attitude seed bank on here a lot. I've known people to order from barneys as well.
    BTW there is a mango strain I have a friend that grows it and It's very good, strong mango flavor.

    Good luck....V
  3. I've done research prior to this post. So far i've read that LST & topping your plant increases yield. I'm wondering if there's anything else you can do to increase it or if there are certain strains that have a high average yield. A lot of the strains i listed, i couldn't find anywhere. i have attitude bookmark :D
    How is the smoke for the mango flavored bud? i bet its epic in taste!

  4. Yield questions are about the most asked question on this board..and always the same answer ...impossible to determine. There are many many things that factor into that and most reside in the grower not the plant.

    Suggest read all the each forum there are stickies. Read all of them..from germinating to lights.

    As for potency between reg and fem seeds..really none. Fem seeds are chemically induced to produce female plants. Easier grow.

    How difficult is set up? Well you can simply put it on a washing machine turn on some CFLs or you can have a elaborate set up with acs, moving lights etc. That depends on you.
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    Yeah the mango is very nice, taste good and good medicinal properties.
    From what I've seen here on GC most people say the longer the veg, the bigger the plant the bigger the harvest and experience. And imo for the first grow the simpler the better. I bought a lot of nutes and fucked up my first grow. Ended up with around 3 oz of smoke and 14oz of hash out of 8 plants.

    I'm going all organic this round, it seems easier and cheaper and from what I've been told by a few guys here and from my research, I think its the way to go. ALLL NAT-U-RAL. I'm not topping this time either.
    But whatever you do I hope your first round goes better for you then mine did for me. Topping and fiming will add bud sites Idk about LST I never done that. Set up is easy watch some vids about it on YouTube......V
  6. @rhapsodyrcks - Appreciate the input. Are you sure there's no difference in potency when it comes to autos vs reg? i read that reg are superior to autos in every aspect except grow time.

    Its crazy, I saw a youtube video of a strain called Tangerine Dream. OMG:eek: Literally drowing in tris yummmm

    im def looking forward to growing!
  7. Yeah Tangerine Dream, cup winner last year I think. I'm pretty sure Barneys seed farm produced it too.
    I haven't smoked yet I have another friend that just started flowering one. He offered me a cutting but I'm already full.

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