First Grow: Pound or no pound?

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  1. Whats up guys. This is my first grow. I have (5) 5 gal pots with plants only up to 1.4 feet tall

    Roots are growing thru the drainage holes and its only the 5th week of veg.

    I was hoping to let them veg maybe for 2 more weeks because I am anticipating on 5 feet plants at the end of the grow.

    Do you think this means they will become rootbound and decrease my yield? I was told the rule of thumb is a gallon for every foot so i was wanting to have 5 gal pots as the final container.

    Should i cut the roots that a sticking out because 1 of them is almost a foot long. 20160320_011702.jpg
  2. Don't mess with the roots. They will air prune. How do you figure 5 feet? Plants generally double in size after you flip to flower. Sometimes triple. How tall are they now? How big of light do you have?
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  3. They are all around 1foot and 5in. Sorry for wording that wrong but I meant im hoping to have them 5 foot tall at least after harvest but under 6 foot.

    I'm growing Skunk x Afghan (green crack) which is mainly indica. I'm using a 600w virtual sun air cooled hood.

    Do you know when it would be a good time to switch to flower if I'm trying to get at least 5 foot but under 6 foot. I am exactly at 5 weeks in veg (and yes i consider counting after the seed is put under dirt)

    Will these 5 gal pots be good enough for my goal or will they become rootbound :(
  4. Dude 2 pounds a piece easy.
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  5. According to a 5 gallon pot should be good to about 36" tall. But i've seen very big plants grow in 3 gallon smart pots. If I were you I would wait until the plants are about 1.5 feet tall and then flip to flower. See how tall they grow this time, and then adjust for your next grow. Also pay attention to how long it takes you to grow to 1.5 feet. After flower they could be between 3-4.5 tall.
  6. That would be amazing, but do you really think that lol (this is my first grow so dont know if this is sarcasm or not)
  7. Do you think their still could be a chance of rootbound in these 5 gal pots? Im trying to get a pound at least (its my very first grow) so im trying to avoid all the negatives to the yield.
  8. With a 600 Watt light, and as a beginner you should expect .5 Grams per watt or 300 grams or roughly 10.5 ounces. Once you really dial this all in you can expect 1 gram per watt or 1lb 5 ounces. Your plants won't be rootbound if you flip to flower a bit earlier. That is why I was recommending 1.5feet. Then at the end see how rootbound they really were to gauge how much more time you have.
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  9. You don't think I should let it run veg for like 2 more weeks? I just want to get the most out of them so I'm thinking if I put them into flower now then ill only be getting under a pound :(
  10. Don't worry about hitting a pound, worry about getting to harvest...unless someone is going to beat you for not growing an lb

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  11. ^^^This. So many new folks here pressed about quantity. It takes many grows to tweak your technique to maximize yield. Enjoy the ride at least as much as the destination.

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.
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  12. This is completely up to you but I would rather flip earlier than flip later. If you flip early you risk having shorter plants and healthy roots but may have less overall harvest because they werent' as big as they could be. If you flip too late you risk having too tall of plants, unhealthy roots and a terrible harvest because your plants are root bound and ran out of room. You should really use these first few grows to learn, don't push it too hard.
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  13. I see some unused floor space there. Not a lot but it's not going to help you reach your goal either.

    3oz per plant is doable in 5 gal pots. I'd give them another week of veg and spread them out more, bunching them up together like that isn't doing you any favors. Spread them out so they're using more of the available light.
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  14. I was being sarcastic, best of luck to you.
  15. ^
    This. This. 10x this. Plant height should be given almost zero consideration in your decision to flip. The taller your plant, the more side fill or training you will need to get enough light to budsites nearer the bottom of the plant. You should focus on your light footprint and how full it is. Cramped plants don't provide the best yields and neither do plants with poor light penetration. If you have room to open them up as suggested, do that. If you want to see the effect, open all up but one, and you'll see how much waste comes out of the undersides without enough light reaching there.
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  16. But if you have had them in a 5 gallon pots all through vegging, I don't see how you can hit 5 feet even if you veg them to 2 feet. Yeah, I could see it happening if you went from a 1.75 gallon or maybe a 3 gallon and then transplanted to a 5 gallon pot a week or two before flower, but when you use the same size pot all the way through veg and flower you will limit your plants growth during the most important time of its life. For me my final pot is my flowering pot, I only transplant when they go into my flowering room.
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    Don't worry about the roots, they will either dry out and die back or they won't, hopefully they won't. Cutting them solves nothing.

    The pot size / plant size plans all sounds about right. There shouldn't be a worry of them becoming root bound.

    I'd switch to flower once the plants get to 2.5' tall, but in the mean time you should make the plants fill out the area wall to wall via some method of training. A pound of bud from a 600w HPS, in soil, by a beginner, is not a realistic goal in my opinion

    I'd guess at sarcasm lol

    They're unlikely to get root bound. 30 gallons of soil should be enough for up to a 4'x4' canopy.

    How long it takes to get to a particular size is anyone's guess because growth speed varies between growers. If you top the plants to bush them out and fill the area, then grow them to 2.5' before flowering, they should finish up between 5-6'
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  18. This.

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  19. I have found indica and indica dominant mixed strains increase about 50% in height after turning to bud. Sativas may double or triple in height.
    If I was u I'd turn em at 3' high and listen to the others that suggest spreading them out.
    Rather than worrying about yield, concentrate on keeping them as healthy as possible, the yield will reflect on this.
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  20. Cats are pulling 2 grams per watt, fuck that, think big, why not a pound off a 600w on ur first grow, all the info that's out there these days, and all the help on these forums, I agree , look into training, topping , bushing, longer veg, plants look great and I say you can get a pound if not more, , I got 224 grams dried flowers off 180w on my first indoor
    Don't limit your self by what others think you can or can't do
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