FIRST GROW! Porta closet 392w Cfl growroom, Home made, watcha think ??

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Chrismittty, May 11, 2011.

  1. hey blades wats shakin? this is my first attempt at picture posting and taking sorry for the quality the girlfriend and I's camera is on the fritz so the celly cam hadda work for now, bettter pics later! so anyways heres my roughly 75$ total cost, total 300w cfl portacloset grow box, i need better light proofing i know, so far its just a good veg box really, kinda made from scratch haha well anyways tell me what ya think!!




    [​IMG]:D HOPE YA'LL like my lil setup, i personally wish it was blue tan or black, the white really glows but ya make do with what ya got,

    basicall the portacloset is 16.99 at wallyworld or kmart for the 36x20x64 or the 60x20x60 is 29.99 to 49.99 i got mine at the local fleamarket for 10 bucks, rigged some powerstrips 2 for 4$ at fleamrkt) a clipon fan (3$ at same fleamrkt) and two vanity light fixtures (2$ and 5$ at same fleamrkt) for a total of 10 sockets above in home made reflector hanger and a few free floating lamp kit plugin sockets a temps stay at 78-85, 85 being the highest, but all in all its got 5x26w6500k + 4x27w5500k + 2x68w 2700k+1 18w3300k fluor tube,nd one 18w t8 fluor tube, for a grand total of 392 watts! sorry if im rambling im baked and its 330am woo!
  2. Any advice or pointers welcome, constructive criticism welcome, im new to all of this i was a member back in the '04 range done a ton of research but finally got around to making grow box andd a new accnt and posting some stuff, better pics coming soon and will show the lil babys i have going, some basil, some t'maters, and of course Gods gift to mankind :)
  3. no pics on my end. :confused:
  4. dang, i copied the pic location from my gmail, do i have to upload em from like a url thingy like tinypic/imageshare?
  5. feelin dumb for the pic prollems but hey, there ya go, give it a look see!

  6. hey green, i just wracked my brain as to why the "green bastard" sounded so familiar and made me laugh and welll, Trailer park boys! FTW!:hello:
  7. OK, i see pics now. The problem is, they dont show me anything but the top of your reflector. :confused:

    raise that light and get pics of your setup and light arrangement. ;)
  8. good point, ahahha i was baked and tired and only had a camera phone and 2am logic so i tried to take the best shots i could (with light still on) because the room light is shit doeant illuminate anything, ill get on the better pics
  9. updates made, aditional chain added to lights,need to get pics, but also lined the reflector with mylar, and added an additional clip fan, also added a parsley dome too, just sprouted. wanna include my homemade dwc top feed drip aswell but worried about it spilling and shorting the powerstrip i have along the bottom back wall, gotta find safest way.

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