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  1. Ok so after looking at the pics (I know they aren't the best) but what does it look like I might yeild off this plant. I want at least a oz but idk if it will be after dried weight. Anyone have input?
  2. I am now at 10 weeks into flower and about 70% of the pistils have turned. I'm not really getting a smell off it unless I put my nose all up in it. It does smell absolutely amazing when I'm that close to it. Is there a reason its not throwing off much of a smell. Its only one plant so idk if that has anything to do with it or if its just it still growing and being real moist
  3. Smell can be real variable it will still be dank after it's dried and cured a bit.

  4. Ok so 12 weeks of flower under 230 watts of cfl. What u guys think? Just chopped her down last night


  5. Dude.. that is fucking sexy..nice

  6. How does it smell now?:D

  7. Started smelling it a lot more once I took it out the closet and trimmed it up a little. It looks so good. Can't wait!!!
  8. Awesome!! Happy for ya, man I can't wait till I'm postin these too :D
  9. How much weight will I lose after its dried. Can anyone give an estimate on yeild by pics

  10. I lose all my weight after it's dry, It gets smoked:D

  11. Lmao....before it gets smoked
  12. They say you lose about 75%. I would guess you have close to 700 grams wet so maybe 175g? That's pretty good under 230watts of cfl for sure. Be sure to let us know what it really is though.

  13. Usually around half, give or take 15 percent or so.:cool:

  14. I hope its that much. Ill deff keep you posted though. Ill weigh it onc its done drying and again after the cure and give a final product weight and smoke report
  15. Ok so everything is trimmed and in the jar as of two nights ago. Waiting ever so patiently for final product. On the other hand I topped my two new plants. They are ww x bb and a la confidential cross. Picks up in a new thread soon. The ww slowed way down when topped but is still looking healthy and is still slowly growing. The la woman is looking absolutely beautiful with 4 to 5 tops already near the top. She didn't miss a beat. Both are feminised so not worried about males. I plan on topping them again in about two weeks and two weeks after that start flowering. For a total veg of 8 weeks. Anyways keep a look out for my new thread!!!
  16. So I ended up with about two ounces from that one plant. Its not as strong as I thought it would be by looking at it but hey I did use mg soil and nutes. So I say not to bad. Look out for my second grow.
  17. I can't wait till I find out what I get, I refuse to speculate because I'll fail haha. Definitely will keep an eye out for another grow :)

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