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  1. That looks like a sativa dominant plant by how skinny the fingers are on the leaves. It takes longer for a sativa to finish flowering than a indica. Or is that wrong. Either way it looks great man. I just gave it another feeding and guess I will continue to do so for a bit longer. Really want the best possible smoke I can get. Don't wanna short myself, I've already come this far
  2. Bout half and half, leaned a little on sativa for bud growth but pretty dense and very sticky, but veg was very indica, bushy, stretched maybe 50 percent height wise, not much at all. Cfls just take longer. Period. This was a clone from a mother cheese plant, my buddy grew the exact same plant under a 600 watt hps and it looked like mine does at 9 weeks. That is 3 extra weeks with cfl, and they had the same exact soil we mixed it up together.
  3. Your plant truly does look amazing for a first time grow! I'm very jealous, my first grow was far from looking as good as your plant does! In terms of flushing i would say flush it around a week before harvest (when your trichromes start to go milky/amber).

    A little tip which sadly i learned the hard way, when you do flush, give it a really good dose of water and then give it a gentle water for the next 3-4days before leaving it to crisp up for your harvest. the last thing you want is nitrogen pockets sparking when u finally get round to smoking this beauty, it totally kills the flavour and nobody likes seeing their joint spitting.

    good luck with the end result!
  4. Looking back your plants look much more sativa then mine ever did. I just have a very small grow, that plant was 1 foot tall with about 3/4 ounce of bud on it.
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    Thanks andyjay0. And does it really look like a sativa? Would it help if I took a good pic of one of the fan leaves to help determine. I was almost sure it was more indica because when I switched to flower it didn't really stretch up it just bushed out a lot more. Never really had to lift the light on top since like 2nd week of flower
  6. Stretch is pretty much done after 2 weeks, but ya who knows they are both crosses of some sort. But the pictures on the first page make it look like it stretched to like 4 feet tall. But at the same time the fingers on the leaves aren't very skinny so who knows it's a crapshoot. They are DANK buds, fuck all else who cares lol.
  7. lmao. I hear that. Its only about 3 ft tall from top of soil to top of plant but yea that picture does make it look taller. I'm at a complete loss on this one as it was a bagseed. But I'm deff happy I know what the next two strains are
  8. Damn man, your plant looks amazing!
    Props to you sir.
  9. Ok so how does everyone feel about testing your buds? My girl is at 8 weeks and looks amazing. I've read a lot of forums about ppl testing early. Is this possible? Is so which ones should I try? My little brother is coming into town tonight and was wondering if I could do this for us to have something to smoke

  10. Did you sample her?:D

  11. No ended up getting a bag fronted. Lol. I just can't bring myself to touch her till she's good and ready
  12. the juice is worth the squeeze :) just wait it out that little bit longer
  13. What about the trimmings? Can they be used pretty immediately to make edibles while waiting for the cure to finish?

    Looking good :)

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  14. Not sure but thats exactly wut i had in mind
  15. well what you can do is when harvesting, grade the trim, the really covered trim you can use. As its trim it will dry out in like 1-2days so you can use it pretty much straight away. you could use it for hash or edibles, depends on persoanl taste. I usually cook it all up and make butter. But thats the fast way to use it all up :)
  16. What strain is this?
    Mine is a Easyryder also 3rd week into flowering

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  17. Not sure what strain. Was a bagseed. It is now 8 weeks flower. Only a short while left
  18. Did you use any nutrients during your grow?
  19. Yea. Everything I used was mg. Went light on it at first and then went up just a little as I've heard it will burn plants easily. I'm planning on going to the flora series but money has been really tight

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