first grow....plz look

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  1. From what ive heard you wanna flush 2 weeks before you harvest
    and the trichs should be like a creamy clear if im correct.
  2. when most are cloudy and some are gold is good.
    The clear ones are still producing resin ie; THC
    cloudy ones have stopped producing resin.
    gold ones are in the process of degrading ie; more cbd
    the more gold and cloudy the more couch lock.
    half clear half cloudy is usually more of a head buzz.
    hope this helps, mj:smoking:

    ps I don't know about the flush i grow organic.
  3. Thanks. Picking up a jewelers loupe in the next couple days to look at her more closely :D looking at the pistils though I have a feeling it'll still be a couple weeks until harvest.
  4. you can look with 2 magnifying glasses. Hold about an inch apart and an inch from the plant , move your eye in till it comes in focus then adjust as needed.
    Cheap old bastards bag of tricks.
  5. God damn those plants are beautiful.
  6. Nice, looking great, subbed for harvest..
  7. Thanks again everyone! I can't wait. Only a couple more weeks then a good dry and cure and ill finally be able to taste the fruits of my labor.
  8. lookin awesome :) I love all the detailed pics
  9. Thanks! I try to do the best I can with this crappy phone. More pics to come.
  10. Sooo I broke one of the fan leave stems today trying to tuck it back some. I wasn't really being ruff with it. I just got done doing a couple more before that one. Is this goiing to affect it at all? Is it going to slow in growth? Or hermie? really worried about it as I've read your not supposed to touch the plant once its in flower. Any input?
  11. One leaf is not going to affect the plant at all unless it only has two or three leaves.

  12. Taking awesome pics when posting on a thread is an OCD of mine, and a lot of times people post blurry hard to see pics. You go into the detail I see myself doing :) Hopefully will get my own thread going here in a while
  13. A couple close up pics. Well, as close as I could get. Tell me what u think

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  14. When should I harvest. Looking at it it looks loke the tricks are a crystal clear color and about 20% of all the pistils have turned orange. Maybe a lil more. Should I start my two week flush now?
  15. First three pics are of the top kola. Second two are tops of a side branch.

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  16. Looking very nice, I would say feed them a couple more times, they will keep fattening up so why not. The longer you leave a plant under cfl the better it gets, and cfls take a loooong time, pretty much 12 weeks+ for me every time with cfl.
  17. Looking real nice bro. Not quite ready but close. Keep watching the trichomes. Not so sure about the flush maybe someone can chime in that knows more about hydro. I do it in the dirt.:D

  18. This is a soil grow.
  19. And thanks for the advice. Ill wait a little longer. It just looks so good :)
  20. Yep this is when it gets tough cuz they look so tasty, this was my cheese at 12 weeks and I let it go one more.


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